Top 30 Women’s Fashion Trends That Men Hate The Most

Girls Trends Guys Hate

Women have several fashion trends that change every so often t bring in a new breath of fresh air. Women definitely do love what they wear but the men are not constant fans of their fashion choices. When it comes to clothes, hair, makeup, and shoes, some women’s fashion styles seem not to sit well with the men. All women are guilty of a few of these trends.

1. Peplums

peplum tops - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Peplum Tops

Peplums entail clothes that cinch the waist then flow over the hips using an extra piece of fabric. The main purpose of a peplum is to create the illusion of a small waist and large hips in order t achieve an hourglass figure. Ladies love peplums because they are ideal for any body shape and size. However, men think that peplums are akin to maternity wear due to the hanging fabric. You should consider skipping the peplum the next time you have a date with your man.

2. Bright Lipstick

Black Lipstick - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Black Lipstick
Red Lipstick - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Red Lipstick

Women love bright lipstick especially in shades of red. Red lipstick has long been a statement fashion item since it brings your entire look to life. Bright lipstick requires minimal makeup on the rest of the face hence it is an easy go-to option. Some men generally do not like bright red lipstick since they claim it makes a woman look slutty and cheap. Most men do not mind the aesthetic appeal but the dislike how the lipstick easily rubs onto food, drinking glasses, and clothes. The introduction of lipstick n shades such as blue, black, and green made things worse since most men find the colours unappealing and unnatural.

3. High Waist Pants and Shorts

High Waist Pants - High Waist Pants - Girls Trends Guys Hate
High Waist Pants
High Waist - Girls Trends Guys Hate
High Waist

We are yet to find a man that likes high waist pants or shorts. For starters, the pants are too old school for men since this trend dates back to the 80s when the pants were called mum jeans. Men also think that the pants are not figure flattering since they hide the waist. Women love high waist pants because they are comfortable and are ideal for all shapes. Men think that high waist shorts are worse than the pants since the shorts tend to go up beyond the waist then they are too short at the bottom in a way that they even reveal pockets. It beats logic. Women continue to rock this look with fitting tops and crop tops.

4. Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers are comfortable because they combine the comfort level of sneakers and wedges. These sneakers go well with anything from jeans to skirts and dresses. Men do not understand the concept at all and they abhor this look.

5. Heavy Eye Makeup

Heavy Eye Makeup - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Heavy Eye Makeup

It may be clear now that men like subtlety when it comes to makeup. As such, heavy eye makeup such as the smokey is a big no. They find the cat eye look weird since it was a medieval trend among Egyptians. Women love heavy eye makeup because it accentuates the eyes and gives them a sexy look. Cat woman comes to mind with this trend.

6. High-low Trend

High-low Trend - Girls Trends Guys Hate
High-low Trend

High-low skirts and dresses are long at the back and short at the front. As such, they reveal the legs and make them look long. Men think that one should just pick a short dress or a long one instead of combining the two options.

7. Hair Bows

Hair Bows - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Hair Bows

Hair bows are so cute, right? Well, to men, hair bows are only cute on young girls. They think the look is too young for women.

8. Open-sided Vests

Open-sided Vests - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Open-sided Vests

Open-sided vests tend to have long straps that go way past the armpit in order to reveal some side boob or a bra. Men find these vests impractical because the woman seems half-naked on the sides yet she’s covered up at the front and back. They also do not like the idea of revealing the bra, in its entirety or side boob.

9. Fake Nails

Fake Nails - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Fake Nails

Fake nails are a big turn off to men who think women should keep it natural. They actually prefer unmanicured nails to fake nails.

10. Contouring

Contouring - Girls Trends Guys Hate

Men do not understand the magic that women find in contouring. Contouring highlights your features to make your face pop. Men find the process comical and the end result apparently makes everyone look like Kim Kardashian.

11. Pantsuits

Pantsuits - Girls Trends Guys Hate

Did someone say, Hilary Clinton? Pantsuits make women feel powerful and sexy while still maintaining a high level of comfort. Pantsuits have evolved over the years from the boring neutral colours to incorporate floral designs and geometric patterns. Men tend to think that only men are entitled to wear pantsuits. We wonder who came up with that notion considering men wear ‘dresses’ thanks to Kanye West.

12. Beanie Hats

Girls Trends Guys Hate

Beanie hats accentuate one’s casual look when paired with jeans or cute sundresses. They are also perfect lifesavers during bad hair days where you hide your hair in the hat and reveal a section of it at the front. Men claim that beanies do not serve any purpose since they do not offer warmth and they often come in crazy bright colours.

13. Big Sunglasses

Big Sunglasses - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Big Sunglasses

Large sunglasses definitely remind us of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton who were fans of this look in their hay days. Huge sunglasses are cute because they cover at least half your face, leaving the rest to imagination. They also give the wearer a bossy or bratty feel, which comes in handy at times. Men do not like the exaggerated size since it is not functional.

14. Strapless Tops

Strapless Tops - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Strapless Tops

Men dislike strapless tops and dresses because they are not appealing. They woman wearing a strapless top tends to end up with seemingly sagging boobs. Men prefer strapped clothes that allow you to wear a strapped bra that will hold your goodies in place.

15. Pointy-toed Shoes

Pointed-toed Shoes - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Pointy-toed Shoes

Pointy-toed heels, doll shoes and boots are weird because they do not conform to the normal shape of the feet. As such, the pointed front is not functional.

16. Super High Heels

Super High Heels - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Super High Heels

Women love their heels. They buy all types of inches with varying heel lengths but the high heel is a favourite for many. Funny enough, men do not like high heels. They seem uncomfortable and they prevent a woman from walking properly. Ladies should keep the heel subtle.

17. Harem Pants

Harem Pants - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Harem Pants

Harem pants are the epitome of comfort and uniqueness in modern fashion styles. These pants are loose on the bun area and they descend in a fitting format on the thighs. They fit perfectly as official and casual wear depending on how they are worn. Men think that harem pants hide a woman’s bum in an unappealing way.

18. Rompers

Rompers - Girls Trends Guys Hate

To men, rompers resemble babies’ onesies. That sums up their dislike for this fashion trend.

19. Floppy Hats

Floppy Hat - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Floppy Hat

It seems that men are not fans of anything that is too big to a woman including floppy hats. The exaggerated size is neither functional nor appealing and it reminds them of the 80s fashion trends.

20. Overalls

Overalls - Girls Trends Guys Hate

Overalls should be left to farmers, not women going about their daily duties. The trend of dropping one strap should be banned according to men because it does not make sense.

21. Retro Bikinis

Retro Bikini - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Retro Bikini

Taylor Swift seems to be a culprit of many faulty fashion styles such as bright red lipstick, high-waist shorts, and retro bikinis. Retro bikinis have high waist bottoms that resemble granny panties hence they are not sexy to men.

22. Fold-over Ankle Boots

Fold-over Ankle Boots - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Fold-over Ankle Boots

The funniest thing about this trend is that men think the folded material on the shoe resembles foreskin. That is something to consider the next time you’re having a date with a man who is not a fan of the foreskin.

23. Crop Tops

Crop Tops - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Crop Tops

Men do not necessarily hate crop tops. They just do not think that crop tops are ideal for everyone. You should consider your body size and shape before rocking a crop top. Additionally, ensure that it’s not revealing that it even shows the under boob.

24. Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Shoulder Pads

Men think that women should stop borrowing so many fashion trends from the 80s especially when it comes to shoulder pads. Tops, dresses, and coats with shoulder are not too appealing to them.

25. Uggs

Uggs - Girls Trends Guys Hate

Uggs are comfortable footwear that goes well with fitting jeans of leggings. Men prefer if these shoes would be worn during winter only and that women should avoid wearing uggs with fur. Some think that uggs are ideal for indoor wear only.

26. Large Sweater

Large Sweater - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Large Sweater

Large sweaters are comfortable and they go well with jeans, leggings and short dresses. Men believe this trend should remain locked in the 80s or your grandma’s closet.

27. Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau Bikini - Girls Trends Guys Hate
Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau bikinis have strapless tops that fit the bust section only. The bareness of the shoulders in this fashion style is not as beautiful as women think. Worse still, modern fashion trends entail pairing bandeau bikinis with skirts and pants for official wear.

28. High Waist Skirts

High Waist Skirts - Girls Trends Guys Hate
High Waist Skirts

High waist skirts are as unappealing as high waist shorts because they go extremely high up the waist then they leave the legs barely covered. This fashion trend beats logic since fabric on the skirt serves a minimal purpose.

29. Bangles

Bangles - Girls Trends Guys Hate

Well, bangles are not really the problem in this case. The problem is that some women wear extremely large bangles that do not fit their wrists and some wear many bangles at once that make noise with every motion. Keep it subtle ladies.

30. Ruffles

Ruffles - Girls Trends Guys Hate

Tops and dresses with ruffles seem a bit too much for men. The excess fabric on the clothes is unnecessary and the look is better suited for children and young girls, not grown women.

At the end of the day, women will continue rocking any fashion style that they love. Men might have to wait until the trends change.

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