Top 20 Mens Style That Girls Hate The Most

Guys Trend That Girls Hate

Guys have a hard time putting up with male fashion and may end up clashing everything. If you are looking to attract that girl down the street then you might want to know what girls love and hate about mens style fashion trends.

1. Deep V-Necks

Most guys put on V necks with the aim of flattering their faces and to make their necks appear longer.

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Deep V-Necks
Deep V-Necks for Men

A V-neck is considered deep when it begins showing off your cleavage. If you have hairy chest and you think showing it off will create an impression, it is less likely to so relax. Most of the people find it gay and you might want to consider the judgment you are likely to receive from putting it on. Yes they are unisex but without a fight let the girls take this one.

2. Murse

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Murse
Murse Style

It brings about so many questions and many are left wondering what is actually in that bag. I mean, who is justified to carry the bag between you and your girlfriend. Moreover, if you are trying to impress a girl, you need to show her that you can help carry her bag, not that she has to understand you have your bag too. It is a major turn off for most girls.

3. Beards

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Mountain Man Beards
Mountain Man Beards

Ladies consider beard to be sexy and attractive and a sort of base to heighten their hormones as long as they are NEAT. Try not to make them look unattended as though you just crawled out of a cave.

4. Speedos

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Mens Speedo
Mens Speedo

Gentlemen kindly stop putting on speedos as well as brief suits. They are starting to come back after they suffered years of ridicule.

5. Shorts that are way too short

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Shorts that are way too short
Shorts that are way too short

6. Sandals

Men wearing sandals in office
Businessman in Flip Flops

Another mens style which are comfortable and allow for aeration but let beach wear stay in the beach or at the pool guys, not in the office.

7. Camo

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Camo Style for Mens
Camo Style for Mens

They have had a place in men’s fashion trends as they are being made into, most of the men wear ranging from hats and shoes, but let’s face it. They aren’t as amusing as you may think they are.

8. Uggs

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Uggs
Guys Trend That Girls Hate – Uggs

With time, uggs have come to be categorized as a ladies shoe and putting it on will surely make heads turn but not as a result of admiration for your sense of fashion but for ridicule purposes.

9. Drop crotch pants

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Drop Crotch Pant
Drop Crotch Pant

Celebrities, the likes of Justin Beiber put them on and look great in them but that does not mean they will end up looking good of all the guys. Lucky for you if you look amazing in it but for the majority you end up looking like clowns, to avoid this embarrassment put the pants aside.

10. Skinny Jeans

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Skinny Jeans - Mens
Skinny Jeans – Mens

If you are accustomed to putting on fitting jeans, you are of the hook. The problem comes in when your jeans are too tight. To be honest, they not only look gay but leave people wondering.

11. Wife Beaters

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Men wearing Wife Beater
Men wearing Wife Beater

Putting on wife beaters is becoming unacceptable with time and appears worse when guys try to cover it up.

12. Plaid

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Mens Plaid Shirts
Mens Plaid Shirts

They actually look great when won once in a while but putting them on too often makes it absolutely uncool.

13. Shirts tied at the waist

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Waist tied Shirt
Waist tied Shirt

Most gentlemen find it the most trending male fashion. We have no problem with that perspective, I mean we understand you want to look good and appear same as Chris Brown and other celebrities girls would literally do anything for. But face the facts guys; it appears more of a childish style when you would tie your sweater around your waist to avoid losing it.

14. Vests

Mens Style - Mens Vest
Mens Vest

Please, please, please do not put on that vest on a T-shirt. If you are not putting on a tailored suit it is better if that vest remains in the closet awaiting a wedding. Do not even think of making it look better by putting on rock necklaces, if anything, you will be making it appear worse than it already is.

15. White socks

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - White socks
White socks

You are a hip hop fan, we get it. But putting on white socks feels a bit old-fashioned

16. Graffiti tees

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Mens Graphic Tees
Mens Graphic Tees

They look good, no doubt, and they attract attention, but they have this screaming look and you might want to put on a `silent’ tee. People think that those in these tees are afraid to speak out and hide in them. Putting your feelings on a tee and walking around in it is taking mens style to a whole other level only you can tell us about.

17. Cargo pants

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Mens cargo Pants
Mens cargo Pants

I am still trying to figure out why you need over ten pockets in your pants. If you were in the army in the early 90s, then you are excused, but the rest, really? Let us leave the past to the past.

18. Scarves

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Mens Scarves
Mens Scarves

Scarfs look good actually and are vital during the winter to prevent frostbites. Conversely, the shelf life for the keffiyeh, (all thanks to Kanye and Chris Brown), is long due let us just wait for the next scarf trend as we allow our necks breathe.

19. Leather shoes

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Leather Shoes
Leather Shoes

If your leather shoes are bad, we are going to mock and judge them. Don’t blame us for your neglect on affairs of your feet. Most guys are less concerned about their shoes but you should know that shoes speak a lot. Imagine you are trying to approach a girl with your laces intertwined, and pointy finger toes.

20. Hiking boots

Guys Trend That Girls Hate - Hiking Boots
Hiking Boots

They are amazing, expensive and attractive. No objection. But when worn during the day they raise questions.

Other minor mens style that girls dislike are beanies that happen to be too tight. When ladies see you in a football shirt please head to the nearest field as soon as you can otherwise keep off the football shirts. At all costs avoid jeans that are boot cut. Refrain from frayed jeans, next jumpers (they appear dad like).

During the weekends avoid wearing your work wardrobe. Most of the gentlemen fall in this category assuming a touch of official and casual makes it okay but it does not. The choice of girls remains always high dropped under the list of many preferences and disliking. A proper male outfit wore by a boy definitely goes for a credit and the sanctioning being in a proper attire definitely remains indebted to a girl.

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