Top 14 Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth

Top Fashion Brands

Fashion and Apparel has been used to measure the style and status scale since ancient times and they’re still making the same marks on human civilization. Just like the size of your house and your car shows your eminence, most expensive clothing brands labels and price also showscase your worth. The higher the price tag of your luxury clothing items –the wealthier you will appear. Apart from the status, it also says a lot about your taste in fashion, your style and last but not the least –your net income. From bold Miley Cyrus to the classy Duchess Kate Middleton, these luxury items are basically the trendsetters of the fashion industry and they are endorsed by all type of fashion icons.

The luxury apparel market is one of the biggest inustry in the world with estimated of $280 billion in the year 2016 and this industry is set to grow more each year. But unfortunately, only one-third of the world’s population can afford to buy these brands on a regular basis and make their lives luxurious.

Here are top 14 most expensive Fashion brands on the face of the earth.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the most renowned brands in the every field of fashion either its makeup or dresses; however, the success wasn’t achieved overnight by this New Yorker designer. He first started as a designer of French brand called Louis Vuitton in the year 1997. At that time, Marc Jacobs was on the list of 100 most influential people in the world. After his split from the Louis Vuitton, he started his own designer line in 2015 for the runway, he includes geometric shapes, leather, and fishnet styles into his runway show and this made his style and name unique from others.

Marc Jacobs is worshiped by many as he always conveys something new to the table. His impact on the fashion and apparel industry is huge thus he truly is the living paradigm of pushing limits. Many top celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica have walked in his pieces. It is believed that his clothing items never go out of date and they make the person wearing them prominent and high in a statement.


Fendi - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Fendi Brand

Fendi is an international company with its roots from Italy. The brand was initiated in the year 1925 by two people Adele Fendi and Edoardo. They have been in the fashion industry for a quite a while but for the 90 years of their existence, they were invisible and not known to the masses. By the year 2001, they gained their success as they went multinational. Their signature looks included clothing items, ready to wears, their beautifully coveted handbags, and mostly high-end clothes.

Fendi mixes and matches textures and colorful patterns in a unique way. Those who have a thing with furs love this brand. They revolutionized fur coats in a way that it became a fashion item from the status symbol. In the year 2014, Fendi declared that they will be using drones on runways to showcase their clothing collection. It is reported that in the year 2011 this company estimated of $2 billion profits under their belt.


Hermes - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the EarthHermes

Hermes –the brand is in the fashion industry for about 200 years, they started their work in the year 1837. They literally specialize in everything from clothing to shoes, purses, and other accessories. To be precise they have a total of 14 categories that include jewelry, stationery, perfumes, women’s fashion, men’s clothing, tableware, gloves for winters, watches, scarves etc. According to BBC, the handbags of Hermes are produced in at least 25 shades of blue including Bleui Roi, Maykonos and Blue Jean. The construction of one bag takes around 48 hours as it is designed by a single artisan. Hermes gathered an estimated net income of $730 million in the year 2011.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Ralph Lauren

Being a luxury brand, Ralph Lauren was the first to cover designer sportswear and included it in the luxurious clothing range. This is the kind of the brand that has both collections from higher ends and from lower ends of the masses. Their affordable ones include Polo t-shirt which started to come out in the year 1993, and been on the racks of departmental stores like Walmart and Macy’s. As the name suggests; this company was started by a designer called Ralph Lauren in the year 1967.

The first ties were made out of old rags by Lauren. The source of inspiration was Douglas Fairbanks Jr. whose tie made Lauren design his first ties. In 1974, Lauren’s natty suits starred in the blockbuster The Great Gatsby where Robert Redford killed it with his looks. Since that time, she has been growing her company and including different sub-labels like Ralph Lauren blue, Ralph Lauren purple, Ralph Lauren chaps etc. they have specialized in bringing elegance in athletic outfits with a pop of colors and unique designs. In the year 2014, their estimated net income crossed $776 million mark.


Versace - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Versace Bags

The designer to celebrities like Princess Diana, Madonna, Elton John, Noami Campbell Tina turner and many top models like Cindy Crawford –Versace can be defined as the brand of celebs for so many reasons. The brand is a nucleus of glamor and fashion with a range of siren dresses. The Italian designer Gianni Versace launched his first haute couture collection in 1989 and never looked back until his unfortunate death. Within a decade, he built n empire of $807 million. After his death, Donatella Versace took the company’s command and took it to another level of success and eminence.

Versace became an iconic symbol of flirtatious exuberance in 80s due to infusion of animal prints on runways. Their most talked dress is worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 2000 Grammy’s awards. This dress was named “Dress of the Year” by Fashion Museum same year. Up till today, this brand is estimated to make a profit of $79 million.

Versace is a crème of luxury fashion brands with highest fashion and haute couture apparel line. With the recent Lady Gaga factor, this brand is never getting out of the list of celebs’ favorite clothing pick.


Burberry - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Burberry Jackets

Burberry is probably the oldest fashion company, which started in the year 1856 in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The brand’s signature attire is high-end outwear including coats, jackets, scarves and other outer layering. This company opened its first store ever in the year 1891. They shipped their raincoats to Japan in 1915 and now Japan is imports more than one-fourth of company’s sales. A record of accumulating six Queen’s Awards has been achieved by Burberry in 1996. After the passage of 200 years, this brand is still one of the biggest names in the industry. Their sub-labels include Burberry London, Burberry Prorsum etc. Their signature coat is made with peacock feathers and is sold around $35,000.

This year, the brand’s theme of outwear is old fashion and that is exactly why everyone loves it. Another of their signature coat is a khaki colored double breast trench coat with plaids on it. For those who believe that clothes could change personality should try Burberry at least once in their lifetime. Burberry’s net income was estimated to be $323 million in the year 2014.


Armani - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth

Sophistication is the word that simply defines the brand Armani. When you want to wear something purely upscale, then only the word Armani pops up in your head. This company was founded in the year 1975, by the designer called Giorgio Armani and another of his mate Sergio Galetto. The first pieces designed by Armani were leather bomber jackets that actually form the basis of bomber jacket cult now a day. This brand has produced everything from eyewear to ready to wear to even high-end makeup and to home items.

This brand has a number of different sub-labels including Armani jeans, Armani junior, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni. This brand gained their success in the 90s as soon as biggest names like Michelle Pfeiffer were started to be seen in their exclusive attires. Armani had more than 200 stores worldwide. Reportedly, the company’s estimated net income in 2011 was $1.8 billion.

Dolce and Gabbana D&G

Dolce and Gabbana - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Dolce & Gabbana

This is probably one of the most expensive brands out there. It was started by two designers from Italy in the year 1985, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Dolce made his first clothing a pair of trousers- when he was just six years old. Although they had an Italian background yet they established their first dress shop in Tokyo around 1989.Because of their eye-catching pieces and elegant styles, they immediately made their way into Hollywood and a lot of actresses started to wear their clothes. Their most highly bought and worn pieces are their bangs and you can remember their D&G logo on amazing bags and even other accessories. Their logo is even recognizable by those who do not know much about fashion. Their clothing lines include the most trendsetting apparel of season’s fashion. D&G has been the official sponsor of Italy’s national football team since 2006. In its collection 2015, it was inspired by fairy tales and everything related to fantasy.


Gucci - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth

Gucci –there is something about this word that marks it highly fashionable as it is, maybe the way it is pronounced is the reason. This company was established by a designer called Guccio Gucci in the year 1920 and gained acceptance after he opened the apparel store. Gucci’s inspiration with luxury leads him to create horsemen leather bags which soon changed into enormous luxury brand.

Gucci is known for the high-end leather clothing and products. When Italy saw the war in 1940s supplies became scarce and leather was hard to find. At the time Gucci made unexpected innovation by utilizing materials like bamboo and burnished cane that became extremely popular. They are still beloved in fashion scene of recent times. It is reported that by the year 2015 their estimated net income was $4.2 billion


Dior - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Dior Fashion

Also known as Christian Dior –this brand was founded in the year 1946 and after fifty years this brand is still successful for bringing haute couture scene. Christian Dior’s aim was to make and elegant lady beautiful and a beautiful lady more elegant. In one of Dior’s fashion show around in 90s Dior sewed a lily of the valley which was his lucky flower into the hem of each garment.

This brand includes skin care products, makeup, jewellery, perfumes, leather, accessories, footwear and a lot of other ready to wears. In fashion industry, designers are blamed to be using old inspirations in order to create new collections but Dior is known to be putting forward fresh collections ever since their launch and that also without over doing anything. Dior’s estimated net income in 2011 was $24 billion.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Coco Chanel

Chanel is named for high-end fashion for ages and still continues to be one. This brand came out in the year 1920s when the designer Coco Chanel started to launch her first perfume collections and late introduced Chanel line. It was the first cologne ever that was named after its designer. Coco Chanel is most popular for her fantastic style sense and marvelous quotes. Things got a lot better when she designed a black dress and then every celebrity was started to be seen in one of her attires.

Her methodology of creating things is that it must be comfortable in order to make it luxury otherwise it is not a luxury. For more than 100 years in the fashion industry, the Chanel has been putting forward amazing pieces of clothing including makeup, footwear, handbags, purses, ready to wear etc. it is reported that by the year 2011 their estimated net income was $7 billion.


Prada - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Prada Style

As soon as you hear the word Parada, you can sense something luxury from it. The brand’s estimated net income was $9.4 billion by the year 2011. The items from Prada are not cheap at all. They include an array of different categories like watches, shoe, ready to wear leather, luggage, outwear etc. in the year of 2007, Prada made series of mobile phones in collaborations with LG electronics but since their price tag was very high, people did not buy them very much and made this step a not very successful one. They are most famous for their handcrafted shoes, bags and ready to wears. They are well-known for mixing fearless prints with elegance and sophistication.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Louis Vuitton

They are mostly known for their handbags and luxurious accessories. Louis Vuitton is a kind of a band that has been purchased by every single A-list celebrity and prominent name that you can think of right now. Apart from handbags and luggage, there have also been making evening dresses and a lot of ready to wears. This company started in the year 1954 by the designer named Louis Vuitton. They also specialize in watches, shoes, books, jewelry, sunglasses, accessories etc. Their logo is one of the most highly recognizable ones.

All original Vuitton bags are handmade and take a week for creation. These bags are fireproof and waterproof that is why they are expensive. Louis Vuitton has more than 460 brands nationwide in more than 50 countries. They even create pen collection and a line of scrapbooks suited for those with extravagant taste. Till 2014, the brand’s estimated net income is $28 billion, reportedly.

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta - Top Most Expensive Fashion Brands On The Face Of the Earth
Oscar De La Renta

This brand has been making dresses for every prominent name. They first started their dresses by designing a dress for the then first lady of America, Jacqueline Kennedy in the year 1960s. Since then, the name of the company is growing even more. This brand is the best option for those who are looking for more sophisticated and bold items. They are famous for creating women’s exquisite evening wears. De la Renta has produced some fashion classics in taffeta and chiffon with ruffled necklines and cuffs made out of velvet in luxurious style portrait dresses.

Oscar wanted to establish a durable brand and he has been successful in his mission. In 2014, the owner of this brand passed away because of cancer. He died in his own home at the age of 84 years. On his death, countless celebrities and personalities spoke about him and honored him because of his clothing pieces. This brand specializes in formals and wedding silhouette.

S.No. Name of the brands Founded in
1 Oscar De La Ranta 1965
2 Louis Vuitton 1854
3 Parada 1913
4 Chanel 1909
5 Dior 1946
6 Gucci 1921
7 D&G 1985
8 Armani 1975
9 Burberry 1856
10 Versace 1978
11 Ralph Lauren 1967
12 Hermes 1837
13 Fendi 1925
14 Marc Jacobs 1984

Bottom Line

These top 14 most expensive and luxury Clothing brands till now are considered as the style statement for the global elite class. Any statement piece of these brands shows off your classy fashion taste and up-scales your appearance in no time.
Every brand is striking in its own way and produces the best items that they can, it’s up to you to choose which one you want to wear on your big day.

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  2. This is great to know. I love all of these brands. Also I have a louis and didn’t know they were water proof and fire proof! Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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