Top 10 Sportswear Brands of the World 2017

PUMA - Top brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Puma Sportswear Brand

Today’s society is more aware and health conscious on the significance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Across religions, races, cultures and countries, the passion for sports brands  and sporting events have brought many people together. With the advent of the internet, the significance of sports compared to physical exercise can’t be highlighted. Abating and aiding the promotion and conduct of sporting events in the different parts of the world are the best brands whose brand name is usually identical with the game and the loyalty and brand identification to these world giants is certainly incredible. Here, you will discover and learn the most expensive shoes in the world & top 10 Sportswear Brands of the world 2016 centered on the net sales as projected in the year 2016.

10. Umbro

UMBRO - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Umbro Sportswear Brand

Umbro is considered as a sportswear provider serving the Manchester, England. This sporting brand has been under ICONIX group brand since the year 2012 and they sell their sportswear brands in almost 90 countries. Presently, they make different types of clothing and sportswear including football boots and training gear. In the year 2013, the ICONIX group brand purchased Umbro and their first merchandise release was the UX-1 which is a football boot that is nominated as one of the finest releases for that year. In addition to this, Umbro is the sponsor and official supplier of national football clubs of many countries which include Zimbabwe, Peru and Ireland. They also supply some major leagues such as Super Liga and FFW Cup. In the year 2007, they fashioned their waterproof soccer boots which is called Ultra SX. Apart from this, they also created an extraordinary motion picture that features the Portuguese celebrity Deco who is playing football inside a tank that is filled with water. Deco is wearing the Ultra SX football boots of Umbro. In the year 2013, Umbro was bought by a popular Iconix Group which also owns lots of popular brands that include Starter, Rocawear and Peanuts.

9. K-Swiss

K-SWISS - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
K-Swiss Sportswear Brand

By origin, K-Swiss is a well-known American company. It was taken over by a Korean firm named E-Land in the year 2013 of January. The agreement was valuated at $170 million and K-Swiss was formed under a new managing team. It was established in the year 1966 by 2 Swiss brothers who were entrepreneurs who had decided to move to California to attain their dreams of starting their very own footwear company. The two brothers took motivation from ski boots that are made of leather to create their very first leather tennis shoes. This is how they started and they remain as one of the most substantial sneakers of all time, winning awards for success and brilliance over 50 years of their existence.

This sportswear brand was known for their white sneakers which is a vital part of the Tennis scene in America. They also have an advertising campaign with the help of Anna Kournikova who is a tennis superstar. K-Swiss successfully motorized professional tennis players of the world to main championships. But, the renowned tennis shoes have become the style icon of the present generation. Tennis shoes are commonly worn in state clubs and they look fashionable on metropolitan streets. In the year 2013, K-Swiss was encountering enormous losses when their sportswear brand was sold out to a Korean Firm.

8. Fila

FILA - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Fila Sportswear Brand

This sportswear brand name has almost 100 years of bequest with their roots way back to 1911 and Biella fabric mills in the northern part of Italy. The company has always been connected with the top leaders of sports brands which include running, football, golf, motor racing, basketball, skiing and tennis. These sportsmen successfully stand out not only for their accomplishment, but also for the excellent design of Fila. This sportswear brand is commonly worn by celebrities and models in various parts of the globe. Many celebrities and models who worn Fila design completely value the quality and style that this sportswear company offers. Fila company was founded in the year 1911 in Italy. In the year 2007, their headquarters were transferred to South Korea with the new management of Fila Korea. One of the best things about this sportswear brand is that they have offices in almost 11 countries in different parts of the world. This is one of the reasons why they are considered as one of the chief sportswear manufacturing companies in the world. With their excellent historical background, they have been a major part of large scale sponsorships such as the Men’s Football team of South Korean, Boris Becker, Kim Clijsters, Australian Cricket Team and many more. The company was always visible in many well-known games like Crazy Taxi. They were also featured in a classic series called Soul Man in the year 1986. When it comes to sporting cosmos, Fila brand is indeed a giant.

7. Converse

CONVERSE - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Converse Sportswear Brand

Presently, Converse is a well-known American shoe company with a production output that includes branded footwear and sportswear brands. Converse makes their products underneath the Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell and One Star names. It is proven and tested that Converse shoes are distinguished and elite by their Star emblem. The Converse company sells their branded footwear and other stuffs internationally over retailers in almost 160 countries and 75 retail stores countrywide. Converse company was located in Boston Massachusetts. They are presently an auxiliary of Nike which also makes sporting apparel and shoes. They are founded in the year 1908 and Converse was purchased by Nike in the year 2005 with an agreement of $0.3 B. During the Word War II, they moved to fabrication of rubberized footwear and at the same time they developed an iconic image during the 60’s and 70’s, with the all-star basketball shoes. In the modern time, the company has seen dealings with superstars such as Drew Barrymore and Krsten Stewart who have put on their shoes at the Red Carpet. Aside from this, the Converse company was also associated with the release of Skateboarding program in the year 2009. The program was known as 1Hund, whereby the 15% of the overall proceeds are used to endure AIDS/HIV prevention. Lots of artists from different parts of the globe were selected to make designs for the collation as an important part of RED campaign.

6. Reebok International Limited

REEBOK - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Reebok Sportswear Brand

Reebok International Limited was a private Subsidiary of Adidas Group. This sportswear company was founded in the year 1985 in England. In the year 2005, Reebok was taken over by Adidas with an agreement valuated at $3.8 billion. Aside from being linked with many Indian Premier League such as Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings as they jersey sponsors, Reebok company has had connotation with protuberant faces such as Chetan Bhagat and Mahendra Singh Dhoni as their India’s Brand Ambassadors. Globally, it was connected with the team of Bolton Wanderers of English Premier League until the year 2009. In addition to this, it was also linked with big-shot in Hollywood which is Scarllett Johannson with her Scarlett Hearts products. In India, this sportswear company is identical to innovations especially when it comes to sportswear and sporting footwear with overview of groundbreaking models at consistent intervals. Aside from this, Reebok company has made a universal system of prominent health trainers known as Reebok Master Trainers. Furthermore, Reebok University has acknowledged an affiliate platform known as Reebok Alliance, which has almost 60,000 members globally. Members of this affiliate program are fitness coaches who worked in fitness businesses and health clubs worldwide. Reebok company also created Reebok board based and core training on market research and an advance training technology. By simply influencing the intrinsic individual need for feeling good and self-improvement with the functional needs of enhanced performance and strength for an dynamic lifestyle.

Today, many people are going to the gym or taking up a sport. It simply means that there is an increasing demand for sportswear brands. As a matter of fact, studies show that sports apparel industry grows 5% each year. Some of the sports brands apparel that are widely available online and in the market includes martial arts apparel for karate, judo and taekwondo, ball wear, swimwear and many more. When you are choosing for athletic brands, you should make sure that it fits well to you and at the same time provide you freedom of movement during competition. It is also important to make sure that the materials used in making sportswear brands are sweat absorbent and comfortable to wear.

Sportswear must be durable and of good quality. It should be built to last. Branded sportswear such as Reebok, Nike and Adidas are some of the top and well-known athletic brands of the world that many people can count on. If you are one of those sport enthusiasts who are in search for top quality provider of sportswear products, consider the lists of athletic brands that are stated above. Some of these sportswear companies offer discounted prices that will suit with your budget. For more information about the top sportswear brands of the world, conducting a research or surfing the web can be a great help.

5. New Balance

NEW BALANCE - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
New Balance Sportswear Brand

New Balance is continuously competing with some other popular sportswear brands like Nike and Addidas. Showing responsible leadership, New Balance is building international brands which sportsmen are confident to wear and designers are conceited to create and societies are pompous to host. New Balance is the American-based footwear manufacturing company based in the city of Boston. This company has been dedicated to producing as well as selling high quality footwear for cross training, running, tennis and some other sporting activities. The company provides kids’ shoes, fitness apparel and they are also a heads leather shoes and boots manufacturer for Dunham. Some other brands involve Aravon that mainly manufactures shoes for ladies; “PF Flyers” footwear of lifestyle genre as well as Brine and Warrior sports clothing and equipment. New Balance has been the clothing partner of “Melbourne Football Club” in the AFL, the Australian federal football league. The company also sponsors the cricketers of the international repute that include Steve Smith, Pat Cummins and Jonathan Trott. It was on March 2015 when the company launched its first football ad, a feat which involved Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsay, Januzai and other notable names. The NBEE or New Balance Executional Excellence is the lean manufacturing and production program that has been modeled following the manufacturing innovation that has been brought in by Toyota. Inside of the vigorous fast-paced world wherein customers are in charge, fast response is truly important. The NBEE allowed the NB associates to reduce the amount of time spent in the production through eliminating waste. New Balance boasts 5 modern production facilities and an indigenous distribution center in the US that permits NB to be nearer to the market, which resulted to shorter lead times for all domestically created shoes.

FY 2014 Revenue – $2.5 B

4. Asics

ASICS - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Asics Sportswear Brand

Are you familiar with Asics? Well, you should! The name of this company is actually an acronym that stands for a vintage Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano” that shows their shared philosophy of endeavoring for a sound mind within a sound body. As part of a bigger conglomerate, this company established its main office in Japan and it started to be dedicated to producing sporting tools and apparel. Asics is the international player within the sportswear industry with around $3.5 B in revenue from the sportswear field. They also came out to be the official jersey sponsor for the Australian National Cricket group in 2011 and they replaced Adidas. This company is usually within the upper price range and Asics comes with tremendous brand recognition in Australia and Asia. Asics Ltd.

Group is having fun with its annual income that reaches as high as $500 B. While the company is originally a manufacturer of high quality basketball shoes, Asics has moved to a wide variety of some other diverse sports activities during the 50s, 60s to 70s, notably the ’66 Olympic Design of Mexico. In the latest Olympic year 2012, Asics was capable of providing a huge number of products that are filled with the best and latest features to all challenging athletes. These include the carbon fiber shoes that have spikes intended for track and field, fighting shoes and clothes as well as swimsuits that are specifically intended for contests integrating technology that has been developed inside the Asics Institute of Sport Science in partnership with the material manufacturers and universities.

Profit in FY 2014 – $3.5 B

3. Puma

PUMA - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Puma Sportswear Brand

The 3rd in this list is Puma. Puma SE has been officially branded and marketed as Puma has its headquarters located in Bavaria in Germany. The company is the world’s famous manufacturer of footwear and sportswear. Historically, its company name was connected with the legends such as Maradona, Pele, and Eusebio with the modern day legends like Gianluigi Buffon as well as the Jamaican Speedster which is none other than Usain Bolt. This company went public in 1986 as PUMA AG and it get started with trading its stocks on Munich & Frankfurt stock exchanges. In 1992, during the Barcelona Olympics, Heike Drechsler, a player included in the long jump division together with Dieter Bauman from Germany and Linford Christie of Great Britain won gold medals and these 3 athletes were playing with their spikes that were all designed and created by Puma. The company then signed Serena Williams in 1998. A year after that, Serena won her 1st Grand Slam Competition – the US Open, and in 2002, Puma and Serena Williams revealed the popular Serena Williams Tennis Collection. The company stands as the number one producer for NASCAR and this brand is identical with technology when it comes to innovative designs along with the laser sewn technology-based jerseys worn by the National Team of Italy during the 2006 World Cup. Besides, they decided to move and be in alliance with Ferrari, BMW and Ducati to create customized shoes. Within the world of innovative and authentic footwear and sportswear brands, this popular brand inspires a rich, historical background along with the modern progressive outlook.

Profit in the FY 2014 – $4.1 B

2. Adidas

ADIDAS - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Adidas Sportswear Brand

Everyone knows what Adidas can offer and many appreciate what this company can offer. Headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, this brand has been recognized as the biggest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and it comes next to the leading sportswear brand, Nike of the United States. Adidas comes with rich and historical background which defines this multinational corporation coming with an inspiring and motivational tagline known as “impossible is nothing”. The company was omnipresent within the sporting field since the period before the World War II took place. From organizations with modern legends such as Sachin Tendulkar to becoming the official NBA clothing supplier for ten years straight, its name is typically recognized within the sporting world in many parts of the world. Adidas is among the foremost brands associated with basketball across the globe, not to mention that the company was a basketball shoes manufacturer for a very long period of time. They are most known for iconic Superstar & Pro Model shoes that became popular during the late 1960s and they were popularly called shell-toes because of the toe box that was made using hard rubber. The earliest reservation mobile application for the footwear industry was released earlier within this year by this company that permits localized custom reservations of restricted edition sneakers via Geo sensing technology. With revenues that show a promising image year after year and powerful brand associations generated with the currently conducted all in campaign, Adidas stands as typical household name all over the world, just after Nike when it comes to brand loyalty. This brand is likewise featured in some other popular games in most parts of the world which include Sony Playstation, Commodore 64 and Adidas Power Soccer.

Profit for FY 2014 – $15.853 B

1. Nike

NIKE - most expensive shoe brand for Best Athletic, Soccer, Sports, Footwear, Shoes In World
Nike Sportswear Brand

We are now down to top one and this place goes to Nike. Nike is the globe’s number one innovator in the field of sports associated with footwear, accessories and clothing tools. Nike is the product designer and a consumer merchandise manufacturer, a head in the corporate responsibility and a portfolio of original & relevant brands. The company comes with its headquarters that can be found in Beaverton in the United States. Nike is standing clearly on the top and it is the number one choice for many in terms of sportswear brands all over the world. Their products are well much appreciated in many countries worldwide and they are selling their products in 170 countries, having over 30,000 international employees and a dozen brands which are providing over 30 major sports, work with more than 600 factory partners and they also serve millions of customers with not just hundreds but thousands of high quality products. Right from sponsoring sports clothing and footwear of the most famous individuals and groups of the entire world all the way to being connected with nearly all top contests in the international level, this brand has been the name which is synonymous with innovation, quality as well as inspiration within the sporting world. Nike is also among the most visible brands and it comes with a world-famous tagline “Just Do It”. Aside from that, the company was also able to maintain its superior class that you can see in the brand perception which is far from the nearest competitor, Adidas. Nike has been the official brand of sportswear for various teams and associations which include the Indian Cricket group, the Manchester United Football Club, and sports legends such as Roger Federer, the National Basketball Association or NBA in the United States and nearly all other sporting phenomena having international popularity and recognition. It was also seen as the brand ambassadors of the most superior caliber and on top of their fields respectively which include Ronaldinho, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi and a lot more.

Revenue for the FY 2014 – $30.083 B

So these are the leading ten international sportswear brands competing through giving high quality products to various markets in the entire parts of the world. Which of them is your brand of choice?

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