Top 10 Most Expensive Brands Of Shoes From Around The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Brands Of Shoes From Around The World

Everyone loves to treat themselves with a luxurious lifestyle and when you have money then you will do anything to get whatever you want. For women, they love to spend their money on makeup and fashion, but when it comes to treating themselves right they will do anything to get their hand on the most expensive shoes in the world to look a class apart. A pair of these expensive shoes could be equivalent to your ordinary yearly earnings.

In this article, you will go through top 10 most expensive brands of shoes in the world. These brands specialize in expensive shoes with different styles available. Their targeted buyers are an upper class of people which also includes famous personalities from around the world. If you know history of shoes and are a shoe lover and you have money in your hands too then this article will be very helpful for you but even if you are without money you will still find this article helpful in knowing from where your favourite celebrities get their shower.

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Rank Band Name
1 Louis Vuitton
2 Manolo Blahnik
3 Jimmy Choo
4 Christian Louboutin
5 Walter Steiger
6 Alexandra McQueen
7 Brain Atwood
8 Stuart Weitzman
9 Miu Miu
10 Gucci

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Gucci - most expensive shoes in the world
Gucci Pencil Heels

Gucci – the most renowned and luxurious footwear brand from Italy started making shoes back in the year 1921. Along with footwear, their manufactured items list include women bags, glasses, and purses etc. They have also specialized in an expensive pair of jeans that made a world record due to its expensiveness. The Gucci shoes are a symbol of luxury and comfort that comes with a price ranges from 600$ and moves upwards.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Miu Miu High Heels

Miu Miu is another footwear brand who is famous for their unique collection of ankle shoes and ankle boot styles. As the name suggests they are named so because of their unique pairs of boots. They were the first ones to introduce stylish and luxurious ankle shoes to the world. Given that their collections are mostly funky; the brand is super famous in girls. Many celebrities wear their ankle boots. Their most sold and impressive pairs of ankle boots are pink and gold metallic. Their range starts at 500$ and goes beyond thousands of dollars. Due to all these qualities, they are 9th most expensive footwear brand in the world.

Stuart Weitzman

most expensive shoes in the world
Stuart Weitzman High Heels

Stuart Weitzman is a shoe company named after its owner who is a successful and famous shoe designer. His work is famous for wedges and unique and variety of styles of footwear for women. Rumour has it that he made a pair of shoe that cost around 1 million dollars for Hollywood celebrity. This 1 million dollar shoe has platinum around and its body and is covered in real diamonds. He has also made a lot of shoes for different other celebrities, for example, Marlin Monroe. Most of the time it takes customized orders from Hollywood celebrities and then makes shoes for them. Due to his footwear, he was also nominated for Oscar. Stuart Weitzman holds the record of making the world’s most expensive shoes that cost 3 million dollars. The material that he uses for making his shoes are very rare and hard to find and that is exactly what makes his shoes unique.

Brain Atwood

Brain Atwood - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Brain Atwood Fancy

Bain Atwood is another expensive footwear brand in Italy. They export their shoes to United States of America. They make customized shoes that are according to the particular requirements of an individual. This brand name is also named after its owner who was the first designer to be hired by Versace in Milan. His methodology of making great shoes is simply by making heels that are for those women who can’t walk in heels or don’t want heels. His most important shoe collections line starts on 525$ and ends somewhere around 2900$. His shoes are worn by a lot of famous celebrities. Lady gaga wore his footwear on her 30th birthday which is a great honour for any designer.

Alexandra McQueen

Alexandra McQueen - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Alexandra McQueen Stilletos

Alexandra McQueen is another top ten designers. Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2010 at the tender age of 40. A close friend of McQueen said that McQueen was very unhappy and used to take a lot of drugs at the time before his death. Even today he is remembered for his unique shoe designs. His brand is known for making classic footwear that is liked by every woman out there. He was a chief designer at Givenchy before starting his own company. He has earned British designer for the year award 4 times.

Walt Steiger

Walt Steiger - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Walt Steiger Heels

Walt Steiger is a French shoe designer who opened his first ever shop in Paris in the year 1974. His brand is famous for making curved high heels. People who have not worn his heels might think it is difficult to walk around in these heels but in reality, these beauties are really comfy to wear and to walk in. This unique style of high heels is the reason that made his brand a success and the 5th most expensive brand on earth. His designs are also used by directors in their movies, e.g. Blow up featured Walt Steiger designs. He has done collaborations with Kenzo, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein etc.

Cristian Louboutin

Cristian Louboutin - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Cristian Louboutin Wedding Heels

Cristian Louboutin is a classy brand known for making high heels that appear red from the back side. These red high heels are the signature work of this brand and reason of its success. After the success of making red heels, this brand launched red coloured soles in their footwear. They introduced their most expensive shoe collection in the year 2010 which was named as sexy straps. The owner of this brand is a shoe designer who has its roots from France. His footwear is worn by a number of different Hollywood celebrities. Celebrity Danielle Steel is reported to have 6000 pairs of Cristian Louboutin’s shoes. Apart from this, Jennifer Lopez said that one of her songs was inspired by his brand.

More about History of Shoes:

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Jimmy Choo Party Heels

Jimmy Choo is making shoes since the 1980s and ever since their buys are upper-class people. They mostly specialize in high heels. They are also known for their handmade women footwear range. Markets are full of replicas of Jimmy Choo high heels but they can never be as good as the original ones. Hollywood and Bollywood actresses opt for Jimmy Choo and their number choice whenever they have to make a striking entry in ramp walk, red carpet or awards. The main reason why Jimmy Shoe remains the top choice of celebrities is because they have been delivering quality, style, and durability in their shoes ever since they started their business. In the year 2011, their collections named as ‘Iconic’ broke down records and become famous worldwide for its unique style and creativity. Jimmy Choo also claims that it was the favourite brand of Princess Diana during her life as a princess.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Manolo Blahnik Low Boots

When Manolo Blahnik started making shoes in the year 1970s, his footwear was considered as old designs and outdated but nowadays his footwear is the most worn and the most famous footwear from around the world. Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer. In the year 1970, he once met the chief editor of vogue while he was travelling and show her his portfolio. She told Manolo Blahnik to make shoes and other accessories; he got the idea from there and started his own footwear. He also holds the record of being the first man to appear on the cover of a vogue magazine. When he is asked about his inspirations he always mentions his mother’s name. Manolo Blahnik’s most famous pair of shoe is called ‘Blixa Alligator’ which is made up of the real skin of an alligator and that is what makes this shoe unique in its style. Like any other high-end shoe brands, his shoes are also worn by celebrities. Due to his unique shoe styles, he won a lifetime achievement award. Manolo Blahnik designs are handcrafted with expert artisan and keep an eye on every detail.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton - Top most expensive shoes in the world
Louis Vuitton Diamond Heels

Louis Vuitton, also known as LV is another heck of a famous and expensive shoe and in the whole world wide who started their work in 1854. They are not only famous for their shoe collection but they are also known for their unique and different styles when it comes to purses and handbags. Like any other brand, their collections are also ordered by aristocratic people who have the budget to afford them. Nowadays footwear and purses from LV have become a name of status and people love to buys them for this reason too. They won the award for the most luxury brand for 6 continuous years from 2006 to 2012. Other than that, their men’s collection was named as the most expensive men’s footwear in the year 2010.

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  2. I own Chanel shoes and don’t see them on this list. Is there a reason this classic brand didn’t make it on the list? I have Stuart Weitzmen shoes and am disappointed with the comfort.

  3. Wow! Some of these brands I have never heard of, but I’m not a big shoe-aholic. =) Thanks for all the info! I prefer comfy shoes to heels, but some of these heels are absolutely gorgeous!