Top 10 Best Natural Makeup Brands

Top Best Natural Makeup Brands

The concept of green makeup has started gaining popularity quite fast and has begun to progress as an evolving vogue style in the fashion industry. The effect of green beauty is that it has given the top most makeup brands a fresh importance that does not mean a trademark strength or worth anymore. Green beauty products which are free from harmful preservatives like parabens, fillers, emulsifiers, binders and synthetics are called Green makeup. These products are completely organic and are created using herbal minerals and ingredients. Of course products from renowned makeup brands like the Revlon Mascara, Mac lipsticks, Nars blush etc have their own unique charm that gives an irreplaceable look, nonetheless have you ever thought about their quality and how harmful can they be for your skin? If you are of the opinion that these natural makeup trademarks can’t give you the exact same coverage like the chemical foundations and other makeup products then you are certainly very wrong. There are various natural makeup formulae available in the market these days that are sure to provide you with a sensual and gorgeous variety to show off with. Believe me when I say this, makeup products haven’t been more pure and innovative than they are currently.

Every girl is beautiful both on the inside and outside in her own unique way. Don’t you feel that these harsh makeup products are affecting your skin and you need to switch to mild natural ones to maintain your skin’s inner glow and freshness? I agree that replacing all your chemical products with natural makeup products is not as simple as it sounds since majority of the makeup brands out there claim to be completely natural but they actually do utilize chemical elements and conceal those while listing their ingredients on their packaging. To guide you in selecting the best and most reliable organic makeup brands in the market, we have compiled a list of the top 10 natural makeup brands below that you must certainly buy to look flawless while keeping your skin healthy and nourished at the same time.


PHYSICIANS FORMULA - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands

Do you wish to look the hottest without wanting to spend a lot over the makeup? Obviously you do and the Physical Formula brand guarantees to give you this dream look that you’ve always wanted. All items for the Physical Formula brand are accepted by the dermatologists and are accessible at affordable rates. This is why it is the number one organic makeup brand that rules the hearts of all women who have used it. You can easily purchase these natural makeup products from any neighbourhood drugstore.


DR. HAUSCHKA - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
DR. HAUSCHKA Cosmetic range

This German brand is renowned for providing amazing products containing pure elements, organic minerals and herbal extracts. Dr. Hauschka brand is famous for winning innumerable green makeup accolades and awards in many different types. This brand was established in 1967 and is 2nd best organic makeup brand in the world. Dr. Hauschka firmly believes that every woman must develop her health and enrich her beauty and this is also their main slogan. All items for this brand are created to suit every skin type and enhance the face’s inner glow from within. Makeup items from this brand include products for lips, eyes, skin, face and hair.


ILIA - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
ILIA Cosmetic Range

If you haven’t tried this brand up till now you are majorly missing out a lot. This brand uses elements in their makeup items that are imported from different countries around the globe as they aim to include the best of everything into their products. Some elements are created in their specialized labs that have been verified by top dermatologists for providing makeup products that are free from gluten and animal brutality. All makeup and beauty products from this range are full of verified herbal products and the packaging is also created using aluminium boxes that are environmental friendly. You should definitely try out the Ilia tinted lip conditioners, mascara, illuminators and lipsticks. All items from these groups are used by hundreds of ladies and have a rating of 4.6 or more on all public makeup forums.


JOSIE MARAN - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
JOSIE MARAN Cosmetic Products

This stunning makeup line by Josie Maran has won many awards from renowned fashion magazines Elle, Allure, Vogue and Glamour for being free from parabens, petrochemicals, Phthalates and for being completely pure and natural as they have advertised. The tinted moisturizer from this brand made every woman go crazy for it and also made the brand win the ‘Green Star Awards’ in 2009. Josie Maren firmly believes that the brand must provide every woman with adequate extravagance along with integrity and that is also her main slogan. The brand utilizes natural argan oil, organic ingredients from the earth and the packaging of this product is made using eco-friendly elements.You should surely not miss out the powder, blush, plumping lip gloss, tinted moisturizer, GOGO instant volume argan mascara, cosmetic concealer and cosmetic embrace.


SEPHORA - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
SEPHORA Cosmetic Range

This famous French makeup trademark has unlimited outlets all around the globe. Being one of the top most makeup brands that provide the finest quality makeup at affordable rates, this brand has its own distinct range of beauty items for the marketing of green makeup that are all completely pure and organic. All products from this brand are sure to inspire you and make you want more as every product of their natural beauty range is just spectacular. You must try out their artist waterproof eyeliner, body lotion, Sephora girl lip balm, Satin lipsticks, France luxe for Sephora and their Sephora lip gloss pencil that are worth the price.


ECCO BELLA - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
ECCO BELLA Beauty Range

Ecco Bella beauty line creates makeup items that haven’t been tested on animals and only contain pure and organic earth ingredients. They are also free from water, preservatives, artificial colours and gluten. Eccobella is the most pure and organic makeup brand from all the natural makeup trademarks that we have mentioned in this post. They also provide a huge range of products for the skin and body other than makeup items. You must give this brand a try as it is the leading and the best natural and herbal beauty trademark for sure. Their skin survival day cream, daily exfoliant, botanicals lipsticks, flower colour powder, long lasting lip crayon, herbal body lotion and flower colour natural mascara, are a must to have in your makeup collection.


ORIGINS - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
ORIGINS Beauty Products

This organic beauty brand was established almost 30 years ago and is one of the trademarks of the renowned Estee Lauder Company with many employees working to create the best products available in the market and they surely have succeeded in accomplishing their goals. Therefore, it goes without a doubt that Origins provides one of the top most organic makeup items in the market. Although these products are a little expensive, nonetheless they are worth the price. If you wish to spend a bit more on your makeup, simply get products from the Origins brand and see how the products pamper and rejuvenate your skin. The products of this brand are created using wind energy, herbal elements, and non-renewable supplies. The perfumes from this brand stay on for a longer period of time than any other brand and have received a rating of 5 on every makeup and beauty online forum. Although all products from this brand will certainly make you fall in love with them but their Drink up intensive overnight mask, Original Skin renewal serum with Willow herb, high potency Night-A-Mins skin refining oil, Origins refining silk screen makeup, Origins once upon a Shine sheer raspberry, Liquid lip colours, Origins lip pencil Rosewood, lipsticks, Ginger essence fragrances and Origins reflecting foundations are a must to try.


KJAER WEIS - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
KJAER WEIS Cosmetics

Kjaer Kristen Weis is a famous makeup artiste in New York who created a high-class makeup and beauty range after going through eight vigorous hours in development and research of her makeup brand. She thinks of health and beauty as similar things, which is why her products are created using ingredients that are totally safe and natural. The tinted makeup products by this brand have been verified by CCPB for being 100% organic and pure. This brand is one of top most selling organic beauty trademarks as it provides makeup at extremely economical rates that can easily be purchased by everyone. One more advantage of using products from this brand is that some of their makeup items like the mascara, blush and a foundation, are available in a set-up that can be refilled. The eyeshadow cloud nine, KjaerWeis foundations in all shades, crème blush compact and lip tints must be a part of every girl’s makeup collection.


RMS BEAUTY - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
RMS BEAUTY Cosmetics Range

This brand is adored by many fashion models and makeup artists due to its high class quality and has thousands of sincere followers who go for no other makeup brands. A famous makeup artist Rosie Marie Swift established this brand that are completely natural, pure and will not cause any harm if they are eaten. This brand does not expose its elements to the sunlight therefore they remain in their rare form which results in providing more advantages to the skin. You must try out this brand if you are seeking to look natural and fresh. Clients review this trademark as being the best one in the market due to its unique and attractive items that are sure to make you stuck onto this one forever. These products are created utilizing coconut oil therefore you might want to keep them in the fridge in summers. RMS beauty’s intense metallic eyeshadows, skin and lip balms, Volumizing mascara living luminizer and Un’ cover up and foundation, are its best-selling products that will certainly inspire you.


BARE MINERALS - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands

This brand understands all your wants and requirements of looking super stylish yet with a youthful glow and provides a large variety of natural beauty items that are totally pure and safe to use. Once you wear your makeup using products from this brand, your skin will feel very light and will not give that heavy cakey affect like most makeup products do. It gives you a faultless finishing that looks natural on the skin. Do not miss out these beautiful makeup items and go to your nearest drugstore to purchase them and look for what suits you perfectly. Generally every makeup item from this beauty line provides a unique appearance and attraction. The bare mineral blushes and foundations are the best ones in the market especially for girls with sensitive skin and acne as they do not block the pores of your skin. You must also include their SPF 20 concealer, White Russian Buxom big and healthy lip crème, Buxom lip glosses, eyebrow powders, Waterproof mascara and Prime time eyelid primer in your makeup collection.

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With high class variety of trademarks and appealing ads, a woman may find it difficult in finding the right product for her skin type and needs. For your guidance, here is a list of brands that are reliable and also renowned in the makeup industry for manufacturing products that contain a few chemical formulae only. Therefore you can depend on them for all your makeup requirements.


L’OREAL - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
L’OREAL Beauty Range

With its headquarters based in Paris, France, this brand is worth $10,766 million and has AAA+ rating over the makeup and beauty forums. L’Oreal is the number one makeup brand worldwide that provides the best range of organic makeup. Although the L’Oreal Paris trademark initially began its business by creating numerous items for hair dying, the name very soon started gaining popularity and the business expanded to creating products for hair, skin, fashion and beauty. Currently L’Oreal has more than 500 different items that are all worth a try.


AVON - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
AVON Cosmetics Range

With its headquarters based in the United States of America, this brand is worth $6384 million and has AA rating over the makeup and beauty forums.This brand is the 2nd most selling makeup brand and Avon items go for annual sale discounts very frequently due to their high demand in almost 140 nations.


LANCOME - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
LANCOME Cosmetics

With its headquarters based in France, this brand is worth $4088 million and has AAA rating over the makeup and beauty forums. The Lancome makeup brand is popularly known for its most amazing absolute powder, powder eye shadows, liquid liners, mascaras and premium lipsticks. The brand’s Visionaire foundation is widely used by working women. Lancome has many loyal fans that adore the products and recommend them to all. This brand has a vast and rich experience of more than 75 years and creates the most beautiful makeup items that have made clients go for it again and again and have made it one of the best makeup brands worldwide.


OLAY - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
OLAY Makeup Range

With its headquarters located in the USA, Olay has a brand worth of $4083 million and has AA+ rating on all makeup and beauty forums. The makeup products from this brand are spectacular and are verified via lab tests for being completely safe. Olay’s products for the skin are loved by all women especially for their foundations and anti-ageing items that have made them reach the top of the makeup industry in a very short span of time. Due to its high quality and adequate skin care and other beauty items, it has managed to get fame in more than 180 nations worldwide.


MAYBELLINE - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
MAYBELLINE Cosmetics Range

With its HQs located in France, Maybelline has a net worth of $221 million and has AAA rating on all makeup and beauty forums. The Maybelline brand is one of the best drugstore brands in the market and is a growing trademark in the beauty and makeup industry. Items of this trademark make women prettier naturally. The Maybelline items are perfect for your ready to go and casual touch-ups. Maybelline New York has become very popular in various countries all over the world amongst many women and is therefore one of the most loved beauty brands worldwide.

6. MAC

MAC - Top Best Natural Makeup Brands
MAC Beauty Range

With its HQs located in USA, Mac has a net worth of $163 million and has AAAA- rating on all makeup and beauty forums. Mac is the abbreviation of “Makeup Art Cosmetics” that manufactures the finest variety of makeup items and is highly eminent among all fashion celebrities and makeup artist and suits all type of women. This brand fulfils the requirements of all women with its gorgeous makeup.

Wearing the right sort of makeup boosts a woman’s confidence and also makes her feel good about herself. To get the perfect makeup, all you need are the right products that would make you look beautiful without damaging your skin. Simply buy products from the above mentioned makeup brands to get that hot chic look and see how beautiful and happy you feel not just from the outside but also from the inside. You can also purchase these items online from the official websites of these brands or from other reliable internet sources for your ease.