The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

Denim is evergreen. Be it during the 70s or the millennial era we live in today, anyone and everyone has rocked a pair of jeans. Finding the perfect fit of jeans for every body type, however, is a colossal task. One simply cannot just follow the latest trend without keeping in mind what kind of fit will truly flatter one’s body shape. To assist one in finding the pair that is meant for their body type, one must first recognize their body type and follow certain tips during purchasing. These will save you ample time and money because a good quality pair of denim does not come cheap. By following these, you can invest in a chic pair of jeans without wasting your coins on something that just does not do it for you.

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Starting off by knowing your body type, we all come in different shapes and sizes. Every woman should know her body and its proportions.

Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Jeans for Pear Shaped body

If the majority of your curves lie near your hips and thighs and you have relatively a smaller chest and shoulders in proportion, then you fall under the pear shaped body category. A fine example is none other than Queen Bey herself. Beyonce is inarguably the reigning queen of the music industry. In addition to her super-stardom, she is also particularly famous for her gorgeous, curvy frame. To mute the stark contrast in their body’s proportions, pear shape bodied women should opt for higher rises, boot-cut, smaller waist, stretch denim with larger pockets. The higher rise will help bring balance and also hide imperfections like a possible muffin top situation.

Boot cut jeans have a wider flare and will help the legs look more proportionate to the hips with the additional fabric near the calves. For a woman with curves, stretch denim can be your best friend. The fabric will hug your body to create a more elegant figure and is not as limiting as regular denim and is very comfortable. Add bigger pockets to enhance the curves of your behind and make it look smaller. If you wish to don a pair of skinnies, tuck them in boots to create further poise. Treat your curves with all the love to make them stand out. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Hourglass Shaped

Hourglass Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Jeans for Hourglass Shaped body

The hourglass figure is the sexiest amongst the bunch. It reflects symmetry. Women who are blessed with a generous bust and butt and a tiny waist to balance it all, fall under this category. From Sophia Loren and Chloe Kardashian-West to Sofia Vergara, these women are famous for their voluptuous, hourglass physique. These bodies have a perfect distribution of curves and literally can get away with any cut or fit and still look fantastic. One that falls in this category should gravitate towards, skinny jeans with higher rises and different flares according to the weight distribution near the butt. Skinny jeans emphasize the even proportions of their chest and hips whilst showing off your legs. Boot cut jeans on this body shape manage to conceal hourglass frames hence, it is better to not go for anything close to that cut.

A higher waist will give the illusion of an even smaller waistline. Pair that with jeans that are form fitting till the knees and then more straight till the ankles. This will make your frame look more beautiful and flawless. As if there is anything you need more to make an hourglass body look even more gorgeous than it already is.

Apple or Round Shaped

Apple or Round Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Jeans for Apple or Round Shaped body

The trademark for this body type is shorter limbs and the greater weight of the body concentrated towards the centre of the body. One might classify this body type as not the most flattering but if you carry yourself properly with the right fit, you can look as cute as a button. Think Melissa McCarthy. To complement this body type, designers suggest cuts that do not directly draw attention to the centre but instead work towards providing an overall symmetry. Skinny jeans or trouser jeans with diverse rises are your best bet. Skinny jeans, in this case, will conceal the problem areas well if paired with a nice Bohemian inspired, loose, flowing top. This will create balance yet give the body more structure whilst look effortlessly chic and trendy.

Many associate trouser jeans with mom jeans. Straight, boring and lacking spunk. They are clearly misjudging. Trouser jeans signify comfort and give off a more laid back and relaxed aura. With the perfect fit, they can balance the proportions of anyone that falls into the apple or round body category. Do not be afraid to experiment with your rise. If you are chubby and you feel the need to cover your stomach, opt for a high-rise cut. If you verge on the skinnier side, go for a low-rise cut and fake some curves. Make the best out of what you have and use it wisely to look and feel beautiful.

Rectangular or Boy Body Shaped

Rectangular or Boy Body Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Jeans forRectangular or Boy Body Shaped
Rectangular or Boy Body Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Rectangular or Boy Body Shaped

Long lean legs and a tall frame with minimal curves denote that you fall under the category of a rectangle, ruler or boy body type. Considering the frame, it can be extremely difficult to find a cut that is equal parts feminine and flattering. Models often fall into this category with their tall slim physique. Karlie Kloss, Tilda Swinton, and Kendall Jenner are some names that immediately pop into one’s head as soon as you think tall and skinny. To maximize the illusion of curves, this body type should gravitate towards skinny or boyfriend fit jeans with long inseams. Skinny jeans are perfect for flaunting your model frame whilst boyfriend jeans are just easy and comfortable.

There is no another body frame that has successfully managed to pull off boyfriend jeans this beautifully. Long inseams and skinny flares will make your height look less dramatic and add structure to your frame. Play around with you rises according to your demands. If you wish to showcase your height, go for a high-rise, however, if you wish to look a shorter, go for something with a low-rise. Embrace the androgynous vibes of your frame and endorse cuts that use it to its best abilities.

Athletic or Square Shaped

Athletic or Square Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Jeans for Athletic or Square Shaped body
Athletic or Square Shaped - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Athletic or Square Shaped

If you are athletic, your body can fall into many possible types. You could have a square physique with your shoulders, waist and butt measuring roughly the same. You could have prominent, broad shoulders and a slender waist or commonly referred to as the upside down triangle body shape. Some amongst this category may as well have muscular thighs and biceps. Serena Williams and Ciara are examples of women with classic athletic bodies.

Opt for stretch denim as it will be more comfortable for muscular thighs. The fabric is very form fitting and helps make the thighs and butt look well in shape. Experiment with trouser jeans and boyfriend jeans with a wider leg space. They are casual and accommodating and thus more comfortable. Go for high-rise cuts and straighter hip fits for a more elegant and classy look. The men’s department is not where you shop, ladies. Find yourselves cuts to faux curves and look amazing.

Variations in the Body Frame

Different - The Best Jeans For Your Body Type
Variations in the Body Frame

Other issues that often hinder the process of finding the right fit of jeans for one’s body type are wide hips or a flat butt or a curvy butt and thighs. Little switching up in designs can help give the illusion of a more desirable body shape. For flat butts, wear jeans with pockets placed slightly higher than normal. This will make your butt look less saggy and rounder. For wider hips, choose to rock straight cut jeans that do not draw attention to your curvy thighs. For a more voluptuous bottom and thighs, stretch denim is the way to go. For a more petite frame, boot cut and straight cut jeans create a taller and sleeker silhouette and thereby give off a more stylish feel.

Many women after giving birth struggle with belly fat. If not sporting a pair of jeans with the adequate fit, there can be a possible muffin top scenario, which is never attractive. For such women, the best choice are high waist, straight cuts to hold that additional fat in place and make the body look more in shape.

Final Words

To find the ideal fit for your frame is complex. To skim through the shelves at the stores for your size and then not finding the piece that flaunts your physique is exhausting and disappointing. To avoid such disappointment in the future, follow these pointers. Your style reflects your self-image and overall confidence.

Wearing the right clothes is empowering and also significantly influences people’s perception of you as an individual. Scientifically referred to as “enclothed cognition”, the phenomenon implies that if you have a strong cultural association to a piece of clothing, wearing it can affect your cognitive process significantly. Find your fit and look your best. After all, you are what you dress.

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