Origin/History Of Women Hats & It’s Evolution

18th Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
18th Century Hats

Although we are mostly accustomed with the idea of finding hats online nowadays, the reality is that hats were quite different a few centuries ago. They were always used as a way to protect our heads from certain types of damage, but on the other hand it was designed in order to bring in front a very interesting and immersive experience to begin with. We studied the history of hats for women and here we ended up with some of the best ideas that brought in the custom hats and caps online that you can see today. So, without further ado, here’s the coveted history of hats and how they made a major, significant change in our life.

Are hats a necessity or not? Despite the fact that there are hundreds of hat sizes, you will definitely appreciate the unique appeal offered by vintage hats, regardless of how old they might be to begin with. Hats online or vintage hats are a very interesting, unique accessory that you do want to have at all times. They are a delight to use and having them does allow you to shift your appeal and it also brings in front a unique value to begin with.

You will note the fact that headwear for women began around the middle ages when the church required women to have their hair covered. Until that point though women were not required to wear anything on their head, but with this addition the experience was a lot more immersive and results did manage to pay off very well for that reason alone.
Hat making was around for many years, but it was the 18th century when things really took off quite a bit. The idea is that milliners started to create a professional from hat making and that’s how the millinery profession was established in the first place. Nowadays, you will see the milliner as a person that’s focused on hat making or which actually creates hats.

It’s important to note that during the 18th century the milliner was less of a hat maker and more of a style creator. Basically, he/she was the professional that created a specific style of the rich persons. As you would expect, hats for women were usually created by women to begin with and they also designed as well as manufactured bonnets that worked very well with the costumes, they also chose accessories and trims or laces in order to design a very good ensemble that delivers amazing results. The term actually comes from Milan in Italy. This is where the cap, white cap and hats started to emerge all until they delivered a very interesting and immersive hat experience.

The 18th century

This is when the designs started to be very interesting and nothing short of crazy. It’s understandable why that happened, mainly because there were no hats online at that time, only professionals that tried their best to provide a unique approach to hats as a whole. A thing to keep in mind is that many women kept them on their head for protection purposes, hats weren’t a fashionable item at least at that particular time.

18th Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
18th Century Hats

It’s important to note that during the 1770s, one of the most popular items to wear on a woman’s head was the calash bonnet which was designed with the idea of protecting the hairstyle from the weather. At that time the calash bonnet was the most popular model but there were many others as well, models designed to provide a very good value and unique set of designs to begin with. You could also find things like collapsible bonnets that were created from whalebone and strips of wood that were added within the silk hood channels. These provided a clear sense of immersion and one that’s very different for sure. A thing to note is that most designs at this time included a front ribbon which provided the wearer with the ability to maintain the calash over the face. It was a great tool against wind protection and one that did manage to pay off very well for that reason alone.

Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
18th Century Hats

The 1780s added in a focus on fabrics that are simpler. There were some democratic ideas too, these were focused on the French Revolution mostly and they did provide a very immersive experience. This is also the time when cotton was integrated as a major fabric and at this time women started to wear the cotton house bonnets and various ornaments. These became some of the most popular models on the market and they did manage to provide a very interesting, unique experience that was very interesting to begin with.

Despite the fact that bonnets slowly replaced hats, the elite people still started to wear hats and many of them actually placed hats above the regular bonnets. The French Revolution did change some things as the hats started to be associated with the upper class. Afterwards, a new trend included turbans and these were included with the English fashion during the 1790s and the trend did continue quite a bit. There were some very interesting styles especially in India and these did transfer to Europe albeit in smaller number due to the shortage of cotton at that time.

The bonnet du jour

Starting with the 1810s, bonnets were very fashionable and a clear sign of unique fashion to begin with. The straw models were great mainly because they were inexpensive and a sheer delight to have around. The thing to note here is that some bonnets were actually created out of cardboard and you were able to create designs by adding them in a roller machine. This was a model created due to the lack of quality materials. However, soon after silk re-entered the European world people started experimenting with silk that was covered in buckram as this became a huge success for bonnet creation. It wasn’t a cult hit but it was during the 1820s when these models started to have silk bows and panaches.

19th Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
19th Century Hats

In the 1830s though the bonnets were immensely popular. There were placed on the face of the wearer and they did provide a very good protection especially against the sun rays and so on. Plus, there were some that had a veil which was great for identity protection. However, during the 1840s the bonnets started to decrease in their brim size yet the hat on its own still covered most of the face. Another thing to note here is that the Bavolette was introduced recently and this did bring in front a very interesting value to begin with. This was a ribbon frill that was placed at the back of the regular bonnet and its main purpose was to cover the neck. This is why the necks were viewable only with a good evening dress. These were preceded by the introduction of the wide-awake model.

Fashion all around

During the 1860s, you will see that the parasols became a fashion staple and the bonnets were ornamental, women just didn’t really get impressed by the experience as a whole. The styles quickly began thanks to the Spoon bonnet and the shape was quite impressive at its name. the reason was mainly due to the peaked crown that could be decorated via a nosegay of flowers to begin with.

In the 1860s, a model named the Fanchon became very popular between women mainly because it had multiple wide ribbons that could be framed to the wearer chin.

19th Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
Types of Hats in 19th Century

A thing to note is that up until this point, hats were decorative but they were soon re-introduced into the regular wardrobe. The idea here is that the Glengarry highland caps became very popular and some models like the circular pork pie hats were also quite impressive and visually astonishing to say the least. The doll hats included feathers which were quite fashionable and they did work well even with the more demanding hair styles to begin with.

Soon afterwards and more specifically during the 1880s you could see that the bonnets became associated with a more modest appearance. This is when very tall hats started to emerge as something very impressive and refined, in fact most of them were actually a revival of the regular 18th century riding hats. A thing to note here is that the women style copied the one that men had, which is why these hats were large, tall and quite similar to what a man would wear. This trend continued in the 1890s when Trilbys and Boaters were found quite often in most of Europe. The idea here is that most of the hats downsized in the 1890s but they did start to be wider during the 1900s.

The 20th century

At the beginning of the century and more particularly in the first decade, ladies had an S shape silhouette and because of that the hat was a very important, essential element to begin with. The hat was worn on hair that was piled up and it was placed to basically cantilever over the face. The form was carried through the bodice and it was very impressive from a visual standpoint. The thing to keep in mind here is that at this point the toque was extremely popular as it was a brimless hat with a great look and plenty of value.

20th Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
Beginning of 20th Century

But as the silhouettes became slender, the hats started to get larger and larger. It was in 1911 when hats started to be larger and larger. Hat pins and other similar items had to be used in order to secure hats properly, especially due to their large size. Some of them actually had 18 inches, so you can easily understand why additional protection method were needed here.

The trend started to change though as WWI did saw a decrease in the large hats and hair styles. Instead, the focus was on decorations with lots of ornaments and some very large plumes. At the end of the war, hats were placed downwards and they had a deeper crown. This actually provided an additional protection with results that did manage to pay off very well to begin with.

During the 20s and 40s things started to change. Basically, during the 20s you will see that the hats started to use a cloche style that covered most if not the entire head. There were brims but these were optional to begin with. Sometime in the 30s, women didn’t use crowns any more, instead the brimmed hats regained popularity. During the hot summer days these were very good as parasols and they did had a major popularity as well. A thing to note here is that around the end of the 1930s, crowns did get back in style with results that were more than impressive to begin with.

Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
Mid 20th Century Hats

As you would expect, the pre-war and post-war era was filled with new and very interesting hat designs. Simply put, the designs offered here were most liberal as any hair style and face shape was good for these hats to begin with. Of course, aristocrats still used artificial flowers and feathers and many even opted for veilings at this particular time. You could also find a halo hat and turban resurgence, alongside regular bonnets that were a sheer delight to use and wear to begin with. These did provide a very interesting pompadour style that was designed to impress and which provided a stellar boost in quality.

Aside from the resistance pieces, there was a focus on fashionable pieces with lots of decorations. They were a delight for sure and the main benefit is that they could be combined with just about any piece to begin with. It was the quality and value that made things worth it here and the attention to detail provided here was very good to begin with.

You could see that post-war many women didn’t really use hats at all, in fact many of them were more focused on feeling good rather than having fashionable items. A thing to note here is that the industry did try to offer even more variety and a good focus was on extravagance. As you might expect, this was a very good value and the experience provided here was one of a kind to begin with. It was the immersion that made things stand out and in the end it was an astonishing delight to begin with.

Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
End of 20th Century

Hats were, at this point, maintained as a regular accessory that would offer a great set of benefits and interesting ways of maintaining a good look. During the 50s, the turbans made a great comeback and lots of women started to wear it back again. But since the hair styles started to grow more and more during the 60s, the hats started to adapt and this is why you could see pillboxes or small veil poufs. Overall, this was a sheer delight and it did bring in front an incredible value for your money.

Towards the modern day

Starting with 1965, hats started to be a thing of the past and even the churches started to remove those from the regular dress code. It’s important to note that the regular fashion hat actually disappeared from the regular style during the 70s and it did take a bit of time in order to bring these back in style. This was the main focus during the 80s but that still continues nowadays. The reason is simple, there are plenty of items that can offer head protection, so regular hats aren’t exactly a necessity at this particular time, even if they were one in the past. The role as an accessory is understandable at this point but as you can expect, changes might be able to appear in the long run.

Right now, people do tend to wear hats because they can bring in a good sense of fashion to them. Not all of these are easy to wear though and they can be a sheer delight for that reason alone. As a fan of hats online you will be more than impressed by many of the custom hats and the unique hat sizes that you can find at this point. It’s important to say that just about any American hat company will be able to obtain an incredible value for your money which is why you should consider giving it a shot.

21st Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
Modern Day Hats

From the straw cowboy hats to the regular white cap or even cap.org models, there are plenty of hats you can find right now on the market. Yet the custom hats are the ones that bring in front a very good value and the experience is amazing for that reason alone. It’s a very good attention to detail that you can find here and the future hats are designed with the idea of offering an immense value right from the start. In fact, it’s the future models that manage to stand out quite a bit at this point and the experience is great for that reason alone.

People that like to purchase hats online know that getting some good hat sizes is mandatory otherwise you might end up with a model that does not fit at all. Thankfully, most models are very easy to use and they are a simple delight to try for sure. It’s the attention to detail that makes these so impressive and the uniqueness that they provide is second to none to begin with.

Should you get caps online or hats online? Yes, as this is the best medium you can use to get the items delivered fast at your doorstep. Plus, you can pick any type of future hats or vintage hats created by a regular company right from the start. These are a delight to use and they do offer a very good user experience to begin with. There are some models like the straw cowboy hats that might not fit everyone, true, but as a whole you will see that most of the hats come in multiple hat sizes and they are quite accessible.

21st Century - Origin & History Of Womens Hat & It’s evolution
Present Day Hats

A thing to note during this modern time is that the custom hats are very accessible and they are a delight to use. You do have to deal with custom hats models that might not be your usual style, but that’s what makes this type of experience extraordinary and immersive to begin with. It’s something different, unique and with a very good set of visuals that you just can’t find anywhere else.

You can also combine the purchase with a good cap if you want and the results are second to none in this regard. The hats online offer a wide variety of styles to begin with and the caps online are nothing short of amazing too, so the experience is very good to begin with. Should you consider giving these a shot? Yes, because they do provide a stellar quality and you rarely have to worry about any problem.

In addition to that, the hat history does show that despite falling out of trend here and there, hats still remained a very important accessory for any woman and men do tend to wear them from time to time as well. And while the focus is less on vintage hats and more on future hats, there’s no denying that there will always be times when things like this come back in trend to begin with. Should you consider getting a cap or a white cap from cap.org? Yes, as they do help beautify yourself and they do bring in front a unique, stunning appeal for your money and you will be more than impressed by that.

Don’t hesitate and focus on getting the best hats online or caps online right now. They are a delight for sure and since they come with multiple hat sizes, you never have to worry too much to begin with. Just give them a shot and the experience will be very well worth it!