Makeup Tips That Nobody Has Told You About

Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017

There is no woman who doesn’t wish to have the perfect makeup look. Getting dressed for a formal party is not only about their hair and the outfit. The makeup should also be on fleek is one of the main element in getting a perfect appearance. Applying makeup is a tough job since every woman abides by her own self-made rules and procedures when applying makeup over the face. At times we get so busy in our daily lives that we usually forget to think over our makeup process.Nevertheless, there are certain makeup looks and tricks that do not require you to be an expert for applying makeup.

The actual makeup tip for looking glamorous with makeup is to know what type of face you have, what color suits you the best, how much makeup you should apply and the techniques to apply to give your face a more natural glow and beauty. The moment you know these things, it will just take few minutes of your time every morning to make your best features more prominent and conceal those that you do not want people to notice. Following are the best cool makeup ideas that you would have prayed that you would have known since a long time.


Reused Plastic Spoon - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Reused Plastic Spoon

For an easy mascara application on your lower lashes simply go for a plastic spoon to avoid getting mascara on the area below the eyes. Another advantage of using a plastic spoon is that it lets you have a thicker layer over your lower lashes for a more voluminous look. These plastic spoons have great reviews online. These are just great to avoid your under eye region from turning into a total mess after applying a mascara or an eyeshadow.


Types of Face - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Types of Face

The most important makeup tip is to know what type of face you have for your blush to look more appealing whenever applied. Besides giving a pinkish and natural glow to the apples of your cheek, a blush also highlights and contours the bones of your cheeks. Your blush application techniques can make your finest features even more prominent and also refine those that are very noticeable.


SCOTCH TAPE EYE SHEET - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017

This unfamiliar makeup idea will assist you whilst applying your eyeshadows and liners. Additionally, if you want to go for the bold cat eye look, then the scotch tape eye stencil trick will definitely make this complicated pattern simpler for you since it lets you get a much more stable and even appearance for the eyes.


Eye Concealer - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Eye Concealer

Many ladies just apply a coat of concealer to disguise their under eye region and step out with it however, to properly conceal your puffy bags, you must first highlight your crease and later finish the makeup by applying a concealer of a darker tone on the eye bag region.


Eye Highlightening - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Eye Highlightening

You must know the right points of highlighting especially while creating a lovely and more natural looking eye makeup. The lighter tones like pearls, creams, whites should be used for the middle inner edges of your eyes.


Using Mascara - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Using Mascara

We all know that this problem occurs with almost all our mascaras with the passage of time. The main issue is that our mascara tends to get dry with time. To avoid this problem, never pump into the tube of your mascara to obtain some of it into the wand. If you do that you would actually be pumping some air into your mascara bottle and it will dry out even more. Even though you should go for a new mascara after every 4 months, there is a simple technique to fix your clumpy mascaras in case it gets dry after a few months. Just include two drops of eye drops of any brand inside your bottle and move it around your tube with the help of your wand. The eye drops will soften up your mascara and make the application smoother, just like a new one.


Homemade Lipstick - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Homemade Lipstick

Simply go for a soft toothbrush for lips exfoliation. For a more proper exfoliation, make a homemade exfoliate by mixing two table spoons of brown sugar with 1 tablespoon coconut oil and honey. If you are short of time and want to go for something quicker, simply apply some Vaseline or lip balm before your scrub for a simpler but not that valuable technique.


Eye Shapes - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Eye Shapes

Just like choosing the right color for your dress is important, the right eyeshadow color and liner is equally important. With your liners and eyeshadows, you can give off any impression that you like with your eyes. If you know how to wear your eye makeup carefully, you will be able to make your eyes appear closer, much noticeable, bigger and deeper. Know the shape of your eyes and make them more prominent.


Nude Eye Pencil - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Nude Eye Pencil for Wider Eyes

If you do not have a nude toned eye pencil, you are surely missing out on a lot. Take a nude eye pencil and apply it on your waterline instead of your typical dark liner to make your eyes appear much bigger. Just apply a white liner over your waterline and you will notice a significant change immediately especially if you have a fair complexion.


Tightlining - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017

Ever heard of this term or are wondering what it means? Tightlining is a technique of applying an eyeliner in the middle of your lashes. By this beauty technique, it will also look like you have not applied any makeup but have still given your eyes a dramatic touch by adding a tad of definition and color to it. This is the best way to make your lashes appear thicker and fuller in a natural way.


Eyeshadow - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017

Does your makeup collection have an eyeshadow that you do not use because it is light? Well you can make it appear brighter now by simply following this tip. Just apply a white colored eyeshadow as the base to make all your light eyeshadow hues more prominent. Simply use a white colored eyeliner and apply it over your lid completely and then apply your eyeshadow.


Fake Eyelash Tips - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Fake Eyelash Tips

Wearing falsies is always a trouble. Not to mention the mess it can create with the glue especially if you are a beginner. Also, they can be super painful to remove and may also cause damage to your original lashes in this way. But do not worry, we have compiled the best makeup ideas for you here to get the false eyelash look without actually going for one.
1. Start by curling you eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Next, dab on some powder over your lashes just before you wear your mascara. Take a tiny brush to blend and simply rub it over your upper and lower lash line to blend. Many people believe that using a baby powder gives a more voluminous look however, any powder gives the same touch by making a base for your eyelashes to make them look thicker.
2. Another tip is to apply two layers of mascara over the bottom and top of your lashes. However, wait for at least 5 minutes before you apply your second coat, otherwise your will appear chunky instead of pretty.
3. Never move the wand of your mascara upwards from the base of your lashes while applying it. Always keep in mind that you have to move the wand of your mascara continuously up and down whilst moving it upwards. The right and left movement ensures that all your lashes are completely coated with mascara.
4. Now that you are done with the basics, check your eyelashes in case you have missed out any. If you have any gaps in between, take the wand of your mascara and apply a layer of mascara to each and every lashes if they have any gaps and where they do not look full. For a much better look, utilize a sleek tipped liner to fill your gaps and more volume.


Eyelash Curler - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Eyelash Curler

Never underestimate your eyelash curler. Make full use of it and always use it before coating your lashes with mascara. Start by placing the curler at the base of your lashes and then move the curler upwards in an upturned position. It will curl your lashes twice in this way and also lasts for a long time.


Heating Eyelash Curler - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Heating Eyelash Curler

Heat your eyelash curler for almost 5 seconds by using a blow dryer. The heated eyelash curler will perform the same function like your heated straighter does and give you dramatic eyelashes the entire day.


Beauty Foundation - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Beauty Foundation

No matter how perfectly you have applied your foundation, if you haven’t selected the right color, it will certainly look hideous. Every woman fear that foundations can give us an extra white face or maybe even the much feared orange toned jawline. Nonetheless, we must always focus on matching the color of our foundation to the neck rather than the cheek as the neck area is not exposed to the sun as the face is and is a much better way to match your real tone.


Mascara Technique - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Mascara Technique

Whilst you are applying your mascara, place a card at the back of your eyelashes and start applying your mascara from the bottom in backwards and forwards movement. By doing this, you will coat every lash without leaving any gaps and this technique is also much faster than the rest.


Using Colored Pencil - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Using Colored Pencil

This makeup look is great to brighten and lift your eye. Take a matte light pink colored pencil and swipe it all over the bone of your brow to give an impression of a higher and sharper arch. Next, blend it properly so it is not noticeable.


Contouring - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017

Contouring means using makeup techniques to highlight and make your facial features more prominent. If you know the right points, proper contouring can really define your jawline and cheekbones. Women are huge fans of contouring as it minimizes the double chin, reduces a large shaped nose and also lifts up flabby eyes. Contoured face looks great in pictures as the cameras can catch highlighting and contour techniques more perfectly than your eyes.

With so much variety and options in the market regarding makeup, we can now find many kits for contouring and highlighting that are solely made for this purpose. However, if you do not have a contour kit, you can also go for a powders or a bronzers that are in darker shades than you regular skin tone. For highlighting, you can also use a lighter colored foundation for your highlighting areas including your under eye region, t-zone, under your cheekbones and the outer part of the face. The neck region is where you would want to use your contour to define it. One advise that will always make your makeup look natural : just blend. If you are a beginner, it may take some time before you become an expert in blending.


Eyeliner - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017

Ahh it is always a pain to check your liner once applied. There are times when the eyeliner goes out of line from the place where you first applied it. This usually happens in the summers as the weather is more humid hence the liner starts wearing off. You can use a water proof liner to avoid this but then those liners are really tough to wash away and your lashes may also get harmed during this procedure. To avoid waterproof liners and to make your regular liners stay in place at the same time, simply apply a loose or pressed powder right below the liner on your lower eyelid. This will form some sort of an obstacle and will prevent your liner from going downwards.


Fuller Lips - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Fuller Lips

Oh how we wish we all were blessed with lips as full as the evergreen Angelina Jolie. Not to worry, with the recent techniques you can also get those dream lips. For a flirtier look, be bold enough to trace out your lips with a lip pencil outside your natural line. Make sure to trace out a natural looking line just slightly outside your lips otherwise you would look like a complete cartoon if you get too aggressive with it.


Applying Face Powder - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Applying Face Powder

Even though the way to apply a moisturizer is to first wash the face and then dab on a hydrator in upward motion to reduce a flabby face and wrinkles, the technique for powders and foundations are completely opposite. As majority of the ladies have little hair on their faces that grows in descending direction, if you apply your foundation or powder in upward motion, it will stick over your hair and make it more prominent.


Various Face & Eyebrow Shapes - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Various Face & Eyebrow Shapes

Many of us do not focus much over our eyebrows and those who have might have totally over plucked them without knowing their importance for our face and its beauty. There is not any standard shape for your eyebrows as it differs according to individual face shape and features. Your eyebrows thickness and shape performs the same functions as your contour and softens up your face shape.


Tinted Moisturiser - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Tinted Moisturizer

Your tinted moisturizers are just like your BB creams. They are mainly used for concealing your imperfections for a natural glow by just mixing your tinted with a concealer. This gives you the right amount of coverage and VOILA you are all set to head out for your formal lunches.


Using Highlighter - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Using Highlighter

This fast and easy technique will provide you with an immediate eye lift. Give your eyes a dramatic look by drawing an arch right above your eyebrow using a highlighter. Blend it with your finger using your fingers to create a raised arch look. This will make your entire eye region appear as if it has been lifted up.


Regular washing of beauty products - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Regular washing of beauty products

I am sure majority of the women just throw away their mascara wants into the dustbin when their mascara tubes dry out or get finished. You can always reuse them to brush your eyebrows and also apply some shade on it before brushing your eyebrows. You can also spray them with a hairspray before brushing your brows to keep them in place.


Wiping mascara on tissue - Secret and amazing tips for beauty & makeup for 2017
Wiping mascara on tissue

If you wish to have natural looking lashes without chunks then you must wipe your mascara wand with a tissue every time before you apply it. You may think that you are wasting your mascara, but this is the only way to get eyelashes that are free from any clumps. With this technique, you will be able to apply many layers effortlessly for more voluminous lashes.

Which of these makeup tips are your most favourite one? Are these makeup looks a part of your everyday routine already?

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