Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Empire

kylie jenner
kylie jenner

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Since the show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians started airing in 2007, we have watched the girls grow and transform into some of the most influential women in the world today. Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall Jenner have literally grown up right before our eyes. The duo, now 19 and 21 respectively, are style moguls in the fashion industry with Kendall being a model and Kylie being the CEO of her makeup company. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are extremely stylish but Kylie Jenner has her own unique style. Her bold fashion sense has made her a favorite fashion icon for many teens in the world.

kardashians and jenners
Kardashians and Jenners

Kylie Jenner is the youngest child of the Kardashian-Jenner family. As the last born, she grew up watching her sisters make iconic fashion statements and it is with no wonder that she developed a keen interest in fashion. Kylie’s fashion sense was quite basic growing up since she was still trying to find herself. She went through the cute phase, the emo phase, and the grown woman phase in her young teenage years. Her personal sense of style came to life when she turned 17 years.

Kylie Jenner has an undeniably rich and unique fashion sense in terms of clothes and shoes. However, her hair and makeup have definitely earned her a spot in the beauty fashion icons of the world. If you carry out a simple search on Kylie, you will see various photos of her in different hair colors. At the current age of 19 years, Kylie has gone through 24 hairstyles and she does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Her lips seem to be an entity of their own and in fact, they have created a business entity for her.

Kylie Jenner Hairstyles

The original Kylie Jenner hair color is black, as it is with most of her sisters. Surprisingly, black is the least seen color on Kylie’s hair ever since she stared her interesting hair color journey. Kylie’s hair has been through various colors including blue, teal, blonde, turquoise, platinum blonde like Kim Kardashian, pink, red, grey, mint, and purple. She tends to combine colors in different hues in order to bring out a different look such as pastel teal, grey purple, black and white. In addition to wearing her own hair, Kylie has stated that she is an avid fan of wigs. She even goes further to showcase her wig closet that includes some of the previous wig looks over the years.

Kylie Jenner different hair styles
Kylie Jenner different hair styles

As such, her hair colors entail dyeing her hair on wearing colored wigs. Wigs give her the variety of choice in terms of hair length and color. With wigs, she can change them and rock a different hair color every day. Dyeing her hair is an interesting process as well but it limits her to her current hair length and the color has to stay on for a while before a different dye comes on. Kylie ushered in her 19th year with a head of red hair draped in lovely cornrows. For Coachella in 2015, the teenage beauty rocked pastel hair on the first day and black-white on the next.

Kylie has a massive following on social media and her hairstyles act an inspiration to people across the globe. With the success of her lip stick line, it may come as no surprise if she decides to launch a hair line in wigs or dyes.

Kylie Jenner lipkit journey

kylie jenner lips
Kylie Jenner Lips

Kylie Jenner’s makeup sense is on another level of might. The teenage beauty has been featured in several magazines that often focus on the quality of her makeup and its versatility. Kylie grew up in front of the camera on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. As such, she watched her sisters do their makeup and get their makeup done professionally over the years. When she blossomed into a young woman, she had the privilege of having her makeup done professionally whenever she graced the red carpet for various events. As such, Kylie has grown up learning the ins and outs of makeup. Kylie has stated in the past that the learning process taught her how to do her own makeup professionally. She has even gone further to post videos on Snapchat and Instagram displaying her makeup skills.

Kylie’s boldness in dressing and hair is also evident in her makeup sense. You will find Kylie wearing bold dark lipstick on any random day in LA. Sometimes she matches her hair to her lips while other times she creates a sharp contrast between the two. Her love for lipstick created a huge buzz on the internet since people often asked the secret behind her amazing looks. On one episode of KUWTK, she does an interview with Teen Vogue where she states that she often mixes different lipsticks in order to achieve unique looks.

kylie jenner before and after
Kylie Jenner before and after

Kylie started a huge buzz online when people came out saying that she has had plastic surgery done on her lips. This is back in 2015 when she turned 17 years old. People went ahead, compared past photos of her lips, and indicated that her lips seemed fuller than usual. On KUWTK, she claimed that she had not had any work done. She even stated that her lips seemed fuller because she applied her lipstick above her natural lip line. However, she came out publicly and admitted to getting some work done on her lips. She said that she got lip fillers because she had high insecurities about her thin lips. Before admitting to the truth, Kylie convinced her fans that she plumped her lips temporarily using a certain device. The internet went wild with Kylie Jenner lip challenge hash tag where people tried the method in order to pump their lips temporarily. I guess the truth always sets you free. With the never-ending buzz about Kylie Jenner lips, she decided to launch a lipstick line. Notably, there are several plastic surgery claims about Kylie’s new banging body and she has come out strongly to refute them. Maybe there will be a confirmation on that in the future, who knows.

kylie jenner cosmetics
Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

Kylie launched the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics in September 2015. She launched an official website in order to sell the product online and the lipkit was sold out in minutes. Further still, the numerous requests and purchases made her website crash during the first launch. She later launched the lipkit again with anew website and a mobile app that could handle the worldwide orders and purchases. The Kylie lipkit currently sells 25 shades of lipsticks and lip gloss on its site.

kylie jenner makeup
Kylie Jenner

Kylie cosmetics increased their production by adding eye shadows and eyeliners to the brand. The Kyshadows are eye shadow palettes that Kylie thoroughly marketed through her Snapchat videos. She even gave freebies to her loyal fans in LA. The Kyliner comes with eyeliner, a brush, and a gel pot. On her 19th birthday in August 2016, Kylie launched the Kyliner that is infused with real gold. Her makeup empire has been successful thus far and at the mere age of 19, Kylie Jenner bought her third home. She stated that the new house was big enough to accommodate the stock from her Kylie cosmetics.

Kylie’s success in the makeup industry has not been a walk in the park. Many people have come out to strongly critic her makeup line due to its hefty price tag that ranges between $17 and $45. Makeup enthusiasts and bloggers have stated that the people are paying the high price due to the Kylie Jenner name and not necessarily the quality of the products. Seed Beauty manufactures Kylie Jenner cosmetics. Seed Beauty is the producer of the famous brand of makeup called ColourPop. Kylie partnered with Seed Beauty because the company works fast in terms of approving makeup lines, manufacturing, and packaging. Critics say that the ColourPop lipstick line is very similar to Kylie’s lipkit. ColourPop sells at about $7, which means that consumers are buying the brand Kylie and not the product. Parents have also judged the brand harshly by saying that it glorifies plastic surgery instead of teaching girls the importance of appreciating their looks. Despite the criticism, Kylie’s empire is growing every day.

kylie jenner makeup
Kylie Jenner Makeup

Kylie Jenner is evidently a smart business woman. She keeps the hype over her products alive by launching limited editions of certain colors during different seasons. However, critics ranted against the limited edition production since people noticed that it entailed the repackaging of old products. Her loyal fans could only care less since they still continue to purchase her products despite the backlash.

Kylie sought out to her expand her empire by launching a physical store for her cosmetics line in New York in February 2017. The store has received a high footfall since its launch and it goes further to show that Kylie’s success story is here to stay. Her achievements at such a young age give us an indication of what is yet to come. Kylie stepped out of her sisters’ shadows and created an individual brand that is known across the globe. She remains an inspiration to many young teenagers and adults as well.

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