Kim Kardashian Robbery Horror In Paris


News about the Kim Kardashian robbery hit the world on 3rd October 2016. The famous reality star and her family including her sister Kourtney, her mum Kris Jenner with her boyfriend Corey Gamble travelled to Paris on 28th September in order to attend Paris Fashion Week.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Details

Several details have been released since the incident occurred last year but the newest season 13 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that airs on E! gives the exact details of the ordeal in Kim’s own words. According to Kim, she returned to the hotel with her sister Kourtney and her stylist Simone Harouche. Kourtney and her assistant Stephanie Sheppard changed into different clothes as they planned to have a night out in Paris but Kim decided not to join the party. She opted to stay in her hotel room and catch up on some work.

Kim Kardashian House Robbery

In the episode, Kim is telling her sisters Kourtney and Khloe about the ordeal saying that she was in a bathrobe with nothing underneath. She says, ” I was lying in bed like, ‘Should I wash my face?I’m tired, I’m in my robe, I need to get up and wash my face.” She happened to doze off a little but was woken up with pounding noises that came from up the stairs. She immediately assumed that Kourtney and Stephanie had come back from a night of drinking so she called out to them saying “hello, hello, hello.” However, she became extremely suspicious and scared when no one answered.

Almost immediately, Kim saw two men dressed in police uniforms at her door. The men were holding someone else down and at this point, Kim jumped off the bed and reached out for her phone. She then realised that she was in a foreign country and she didn’t know how to call 911 for help in France, so she decided to call her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier. By this time, the two men were in her room and one of them quickly grabbed the phone from her. He then pushed her on the bed and she thought to herself, “This is it!”

The man, who was wearing ski goggles, took Kim out of her room and into the hallway where she saw the gun that he was carrying. He returned her to the room, pushed her on the bed and started tying her up with plastic cables. As this is happening, the concierge who was also tied up was in the room with Kim. It’s easy to imagine how scared and hysterical she was at this point as she asked the concierge whether they were going to die. She could only think of her two children, her husband and her family. Her hands were tied with plastic cables while her legs and mouth were covered with duct tape. She thought she was going to get raped and sadly, started preparing herself mentally for the same.

Kim Kardashian coming back to New York

The robbers and Kim had a language barrier problem during the heist but the concierge acted as the interpreter. The thieves asked for her ring, which signifies that they already knew what they were coming for. She signalled them to the ring that was on the table and denied having any money when they asked for some. In the hallway, she says she saw the gun, “as clear as day.” The man was pointing the gun at her head when asking for the jewellery and the money.

She claims that she was mentally prepared to die as she thought of her family but the robber grabbed her and led her to the bathroom then fled the scene in a rush. As soon as the robbers left, Kim managed to free herself from the plastic cables and ran to the balcony where she shouted for help.

Where was everyone else?

The hotel that Kim was staying in is known as the No Address Hotel. It is more of a private residence than a hotel where Kim and her rapper husband Kanye West often stayed in from 2011. As such, she often felt safe at this particular premises, which only had a receptionist and the doorman.

Several questions came up after the world woke up to the news about the robbery such as, “Where was her bodyguard? Where was the rest of her family?” Pascal Duvier, Kim’s German-born bodyguard, was out escorting Kourtney and Kendall on their night out in Paris. Kim’s stylist, Simone Harouche, was in the same hotel but in a different room. Simone heard some commotion during the heist and texted Pascal to ask if everything was okay with Kim, seemingly unaware that Pascal was out with Kourtney.

Kim Kardashian Interview after Robbery

Kim found her way to Simone after breaking free and suggested jumping off the balcony. They were rescued by the police moments after. The Kim Kardashian robbery took place in the early hours of 3:00 am.

Kim’s public life

Kim Kardashian has a highly publicised lifestyle that is highlighted personally by herself and the media that is constantly following her around. During the entire Paris trip, Kim’s was tailed by the paparazzi who are extra zealous in Paris. Additionally, Kim has a huge social media presence whereby she Instagrams photos of herself and shares Snapchat videos of her activities. These factors may have contributed to giving the robbers the exact details of her location and her immediate surrounding. Notably, Kim shared a Snapchat of her conversation with her brother Rob Kardashian before the robbers where she revealed she was alone in her hotel room. This definitely helped the robbers with their Kim Kardashian robbery plan.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Night

Kim Kardashian was robbed of her $4million engagement ring, two diamond Cartier bracelets, a gold Rolex, a gold and diamond Jacob necklace, and a Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings. She said that all that matters is that she is alive.

Kim Kardashian was completely shaken up since she flew to Newyork at 4:30 am after helping the police with information about the robbery. Her entire family was shaken up by the incident, especially Kanye who immediately stopped the concert he was having and rushed to be with Kim in Newyork. Kim shied away from social media and the public eye until 6th January 2017.

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