How To Wear Leggings: 8 Trendy Styles To Try This Year

How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017

Leggings are that one fashion trend that have been ruling the fashion industry since ages and are the most perfect piece of stylish clothing for every season throughout the year and it is certain that this hot trend is never going to die.Almost all our favourite fashion icons like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are usually spotted in their gorgeous pair of skinnies whenever they are on the streets and set the ideal street style look that makes us drool over them.Leggings are highly adaptable no matter what you wear them with, whether it’s a printed, plain, soft or bright toned top and tunic and you can obviously style them according to your wishes and likes to feel more relaxed however, there is a way to wear these babies that must be kept in mind before stepping out to avoid looking overly dressed and inelegant.

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Whether you go for shiny or plain dark stockings, these tights are irreplaceable and loved by all fashion icons since it is an amazing substitute for regular tights or jeggings. They give an energizing feel and a totally diverse finishing to your dress and their fitting is incredibly attractive. Leather leggings are ideal in the event that you blend and pair them correctly. Below is an extensive guideline on how to wear your leggings, what to wear and what not to wear with them to standout in the crowd with your own amazing fashion sense and statement:


Leggings with Crop Top - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Leggings with Crop Top

Crop tops are adored by every woman and are a hot favourite among the teenage girls as they make you look beautiful yet sexy at the same time by showing a bit of your skin and falling just perfectly over your waist. If it’s the summers, wear a crop top over your leggings with a pair of hot sunnies, a thick strapped stripped handbag with sneakers and tie your hair up in a high pony tail to look as young and gorgeous as ever.

Leggings with Bomber Jacket - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Leggings with Bomber Jacket

For the fall/winters where the weather is all breezy and cool, give a stunning twist to your look simply slip a bomber jacket over this outfit to look like a sensual biker girl. You can also wear this outfit for your formal night out parties and dinners. Just open up your hair, dab on some makeup and head out with a pair of high heels, some adornments and a clutch.


Leggings with Short Dress - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Leggings with Short Dress

Short dresses and skirts take leggings to another level and look absolutely fabulous whenever worn. With this modest look you can sit and move comfortably in your short skirts without having to worry about showing any bit of your skin that you did not want to.For a more formal appearance, wear sheer panelled leggings below these minis and pair your outfit with some adornments to complete your look and be a head turner.


Printed Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Printed Leggings
Printed Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Chic Leggings

Designers have launched leggings in amazing prints and designs. It would be impossible to step out during the coldest days of the year without covering yourself up completely and that is when your leggings help you in getting the most comfortable and fashionable look. Printed leggings give your plain tops and dress a gorgeous formal look and make you feel pleasant despite the harsh weather.


Jumper with Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Jumper with Leggings

Wish to carry yourself in a casual way without wearing anything too heavy in the winters and yet look super cool? All you have to do it jump into a long vest or a sweater with your leggings and further enhance your outfit with a thick strapped colourful handbag and the latest trending David Bowie ankle length boots.You can also wear a gorgeous open weave sweater or a jumper with printed tops and a cardigan or a scarf.

Deep V-Neck Top with Leggings and High Heels - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Deep V-Neck Top with Leggings and High Heels

For the summers, jump into a sleeveless top with a deep V neck and high heels with your leggings. Carry a clutch, put in some bracelets, open up your hair and VOILA you are all set for your high school parties.

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Skinny Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Skinny Leggings

Leggings especially the wet look skinnies with a dazzling and glowing finish are definitely one of the hottest fashion trends to go for. Jump into these gleaming and radiant leggings for your end of the year celebration to get a total chic and sizzling look. Wear your glamourous tights with a pastel coloured shirt and a pretty coat. Also go for some amazing accessories, adorned clutch and heeled boots to rock your night parties.


Perfect Size Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Perfect Size Leggings

Going for a size greater is way better than choosing an outfit that is precisely of your shape. Only as caution to assist you to keep away from the crude frontal wedgie. Frontal wedgie in leather skinnies gives a much more regrettable look than a standard spandex material.


Ripped Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Ripped Leggings

Never be afraid to try out a variety of trends as you never know what outfit and look might just turn out to be the best for you and becomes your own personal style statement.Although the typical dark black coloured plain leggings are the safest and best option for women as they always make you look classy no matter what. Nevertheless, going for outfits like leggings with ribbed finishing also look cool enough when worn with a hot pair of sneakers and blazer. Wear a hat on the top with open hair to look more chic. Be confident with what you’re wearing as it is the key to look beautiful


• Never wear leggings with extra funky designs and patterns as it makes your look too flashy and bold.

• Never wear leggings as your jeans or pants. They are unique in their own way and must be styled according to that.

• Never wear bold neon toned skinnies.

• Never wear faded skinnies no matter what colour you’re going for.

• Never wear skinnies that are overly stretchy and loose. The beauty of these gorgeous babies comes only when they are super tight and show off all your curves in the most elegant way.

• Avoid wearing leggings that are too shiny especially in places where the lights are bright.

• Avoid wearing see through skinnies made of thin fabric.

• Unless you properly know how to dress up your leggings and are confident about your how you look, you must avoid wearing your skinnies at work.

• Avoid wearing your skinnies with a just a fitted top unless you have the perfect shaped body for it.If not, pair your outfit with either a scarf or a blazer in the fall to balance your appearance. Also, if you are a bit overweight try wearing tops and tunics that reach up to your hips for the summers otherwise they will bulge out in these skinnies and make you look fatter than you already are.

• Avoid covering leather with another piece of leather as it is impossible to wear leather over leather without looking excessively decked up. However, if you wish to wear both together, then you should go for a leather coat with an alternate colour than the base and pair it with an easy-to-carry top. Dark chestnut and dark leather leggings are the best and generally adaptable.

• Avoid wearing skinnies that are ripped or have holes and seams in them. Remember, they are not your skinny jeans!

• Lastly and most important tip: Never ever slip into a white pair of skinnies. Firstly, they tend to get dirty really easily and secondly they never ever look good with short tops as they are always see-through. If you are wearing them, make sure that your dress or top is long enough to at least cover the hips.


Sneakers with Leggings - How to wear, What to wear with different types of Leggings in 2017
Sneakers with Leggings

Although any type of shoes that you wear including high heels, pumps, thigh high boots, ankle length boots or stilettos look just outstanding with your leggings as these tights can make almost anything look good nonetheless, the way they become even more prominent and stylish when worn with sneakers is just incomparable. Majority of our fashion’s industry’s icons are generally spotted in a pair of sneakers with their leggings on the streets.

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Leggings are flawlessly versatile with most styles, provided that you pick the right adornments, tops and shoes to run with these beauties. Therefore, they are never too old and are always a hot trend every year no matter what. One tip that you should remember is to always dress your leggings with the latest trending tops, short dresses and tunics to be a head turner wherever you go. Make significant investment of your time to see proper sense of how to offset your outfit as your look can create wonders if you know how to dress with your leggings perfectly.

Which one of the above mentioned looks is your most favourite one?? Do you wear leggings often with your tops and tunics?


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