Best Selling Handbag Brands in the World


Always carry the bag which is the trend of today so, after reading this article you will be able to buy the best designer bags of top brands. Ladies, you look fashionable when you carry the designer bag.

Hand bag is the need of every women today. To wear the best and stylish hand bag, is the desire of every women. When it comes to the brand, we always search for the famous brand in bag shops. Brands introduces a variety of bags of different designers. There are many hand bag shops out there which had a list of designer hand bags.

While choosing the hand bag, there should be no compromise on the quality because it is all that matters. Now, I will tell you most of the name of top brands of hand bags in the market which are liked by our moms, teenagers and women.

Most selling hand bags categories are as follows:

Christion Dior:
It can be called simply Dior. The company was founded in 1946 and it has the most stylish bags. The Christion Dior bags have the best qualities. They add value to your life.

This brand is famous for the luxurious bags. The brand is oldest in the market. Many hand bags by this brand are launched every year.

Marc Jacobs:
This brand is famous for its watches, perfumes, hand bags and designer clothes. Many outlets of this bag stores are open across the world. In New York, this brand was found. The bags are very fashionable and liked by teenagers, girls and women.

It is also one of the top brand and have very fashionable hand bags. They design bridal clutches. They also manufactures jewelers and shoes for males and females.

This bag is famous for its fashionable bags with cheap prices. This brand was founded in Spain and has the bags with superior qualities and looks cool while wearing.

This is a French Company and famous for its stylish and gorgeous hand bags. The bags are made of leather. Winter jackets are also sold by Hermes.

This is one of the oldest and famous international brand and it was founded in 1941 in USA. The company produces multiple colors of bags. People liked their charming shoulder bags and are most liked among women.

This brand is famous among the Hollywood celebrities and known as celebrity hand bags. They had the expensive bags with superior quality. Chanel also manufactures shoes, cloths and perfumes.

Michael Kors:
This American Brand is from the oldest time and won various awards for their quality. This is a desire of every women to buy the bag of this brand. They are expensive but worth their value. They are also considered as celebrity hand bags.

Kate Spade:
They produce the best quality leather bags and thatai??i??s the reason for their high price. This is an American brand and produces trendy and fashionable hand bags. This brand has the top position in the market.

This French Brand was founded in 1921 and is one of the oldest and famous brand. They produce luxurious and high quality bags.

This brand has 618 boutiques founded in 1913. They produces high quality leather bags which are famous among the women. It comes with embossed logo.

Mallet and Co.
Mallet and co. is famous for its best quality leather bags and is one the leading brand in fashion industry. They had inexpensive bags.

Trade Mark:
This brand was launched in 2014 and produces leather bags and looks like a bucket bag. This brand produces bags which is in your budget range. Bags are available for women and young ladies.

Gorham who is a hand bag designer and owner of this brand, launched this brand previous year. This brand produces luxury and fashionable bags.

Paula Cademartori:
The brand was founded in Italy by a Brazilian born designer. This brand produces best hand bags with industrial designs and playful patterns.

Hunting Season:
This brand was launched by Danielle Corona back in 2006. They have bags in classic shapes with leather and exotic skins with less price.

This was founded by Jessy Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman designers. They manufactures luxurious bags with leather and sleek design. They had the high quality hand bags with reasonable prices.

PB 0110:
Philipp Bree is the founder of this popular brand PB 0110 and produces leather bags collection. Its top rated beautiful design are always appealing and liked by everyone.

It is an oldest and famous brand founded in 1978. They manufactures modern hand bags with other accessories. The bags are made of suede and leather with the beautiful shades of mustard and olive and are trending in the market

Chloe is a brand of bags with multiple designs and appealing colors. The stuff is made of leather.

This is a brand famous for its tote bags. With a variety of bags available, they are made of leather and are fashionable and stylish. They are mostly liked by ladies.

It is one of the top brand and sells calf leather clutch and other hand bags. They produces high quality and luxurious hand bags which is a desire of every women today.

A famous brand with multiple hand bags, pouches and purses. Their unique designs gives a casual and coolest look.

This is also one of the top brands producing leather hand bags with beautiful designs and unique colors. The bags of this brand are favorite of many women.

A top most brand liked by every women. They sells high quality bags, pouches and wallets.

Stella Mccartney:
This brand has stylish and ravishing bags with multiple designs. It is a famous brand due to its high quality products.

Anya Hind March:
One of the top brands like Gucci and Coach, they produces high quality purses, and clutch and leather tote hand bags.

Alexander MCQUEEN:
They manufacture and sells stylish clutches and hand bags made of leather. Metallic skull clutch is famous of Alexander McQueen brand.

Saint Laurent:
Saint Laurent brand is famous for its beautiful leather bags. They had a list of designer bags.

Long Champ:
With multiple designs and unique colors, this brand of hand bags is famous among women.

Vivienne Westwood:
It is famous for its leather zip around purse with beautiful shape and color.

It is a Spanish luxurious fashion house also famous for its stylish hand bags with desirable colors.

Rebecca Mink Off:
This brand is one of the top famous brand with luxurious hand bags, back packs, apparel, foot wear and other accessories.

Aspinal of London:
This was founded in London and best known for its hand bags and stylish clutches. They produce bags with high quality and the prices are very reasonable.

Skinny Dip:
It is one of the leading fashion accessories brand. It is known for its luxurious had bags with beautiful designs.

It is a brand, famous for its beautiful and colorful bags and luxury goods. It was founded in Germany in 2005 and is famous among everyone.

Ted Baker:
It is a British luxury retail company. They also produce luxury hand bags made up of high quality leather.

Les Petits Jouers:
It was founded in France and it is one of the famous brand of Hand bags and produces eye catching pieces of bags.

Armani Jeans:
It is a leading Italian brand of fashion. It produces luxurious and unique bags. They also manufactures shoes, leather goods, couture, watches and jewelry.

It was founded in 1983. It is also an Italian fashion brand which sells high quality leather made bags. It also specialized in shoes, perfumes, luggage and other fashion accessories.

It was founded in New York and specializes in fashion good and accessories for both and women. Their high quality and luxurious hand bags with appealing colors are famous among the ladies.

It produces a unique collection of hand bags with multiple designs and shapes. They are made from natural fabric.

Sophie Hulme:
Sophie Hulme is a British famous brand with a variety of collection of British designer hand bags and accessories. The stuff is made of high quality leather but the prices are reasonable.

It is one of the biggest brand of men and women hand bags. They produces unique and exclusive styles with attractive colors and that is the reason of their popularity among men and women.

Launer is a biggest women accessories brand specializing in beautiful and luxurious hand bags, purses, Royale Hand Bags, Pocket Wallets and High Society hand bags. A large collection of bags of Launer makes it one of the top brand.

Manu Ateliar:
It was founded in Istanbul and is famous among ladies and girls because of its high quality and luxurious hand bags and leather goods. It is best yet affordable.

Jimmy Choo:
A big name of British fashion house. They sells eye catching pieces of British hand bags. Other accessories includes shoes and fragrances. Their hand bags with superior quality are liked by women.

It is a British famous brand of designer hand bags. They had a large collection of British hand bags, purse and clutches with beautiful shapes and exclusive designs.

It is a Canadian Brand which produces stylish and fashionable hand bags and accessories. It also deals in shoes, boots and sandals. Its leather tote bag is famous among ladies.

Peter Petrov:
Peter Petrov specializes in Branded men and women bags of various designs and colors.


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