Best Jeans Pick According To Body Types For Men

All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types

Let’s face it; men do not like to go shopping. Those who do like to shop are a rare breed and if you find such a man, do not let him go! Anyways, jokes aside, it is a universal fact that men do not like to shop. Moreover, they do not like to try dozens of clothes before buying. However, if after purchasing, any of the clothes are uncomfortable, they will not take the liberty to return it or try to wear it in. It will be dumped in the never to wear pile which can grow at alarming speed if this attitude persists.

All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Types of Jeans

The most comfortable and relied upon attire by men are their jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down or wear them pretty much everywhere you want. They absolutely have to fit well or all hell will break loose. But since men hate to shop and try on, shopping for jeans is a big chore which has to be done fast but also right. We have tried to distinguish male body types, jeans fit as well as it rise to help the ordinary man shop faster, but accurately for their most used and favorite attire.

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Men or even women for that matter do not know that there are three considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of jeans:
– The fit
– The rise
– The body type

The Fit

Jeans commonly come in four types of fits. Not all fits are becoming on every individual. You have to find a fit which best suits you.


This is the newest addition to jeans fit. As the name suggests it is a tighter fit with a narrower leg opening. It is usually low to mid-rise.

Skinny Jeans - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Skinny Jeans

Slim fit (straight leg)

This fit is neither too tight nor too loose. It is straight from the hip but gets slim after the thigh. It usually comes in mid-rise.

Slim Fit - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Slim Fit Jeans

Regular fit (boot cut)

It is a straight legged pair of jeans which is straight through out from the knee to the hem and a wider leg opening.

Regular Fir (Bootcut) - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Regular Fir (Bootcut)

Relaxed fit (classic fit)

This is a looser fit from the waist all the way down to the hem. Basically, these jeans will not be hugging any part of your body.

Relaxed fit - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Relaxed Fit Jeans

Loose fit (wide leg)

This is a baggy fit and provides plenty of room to breathe.

Loose fit - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Loose fit Jeans

The Rise

The rise of jeans is measured from the waistband to the crotch. All jeans vary in rises which are:


These are worn below the belly button.

Low-rise Jeans
Low-rise Jeans


These are worn just on the belly button and perfect for tucking in shirts.

Mid-rise - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Mid-rise Jeans


High-rise - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
High-rise Jeans

These jeans are worn above the belly button and are not to be used with a tucked in shirt.
Mid-rise jeans are the most popular and most preferred rise. They start at your belly button. High rise jeans are above the belly button and give the look of a nerd and mommy’s boy. Though there are some people who can carry off high-rise jeans with poise. Low-rise jeans are risky for most people as you need a certain frame to carry of low-rise jeans well. An ectomorph is most likely to carry off low rise jeans better than others.

The Best Jeans According to your Body Type

Being aware of your body type will help you easily grab the best fitting pair of jeans. If you are lucky, you will not even have to try them on before purchasing!To facilitate all the men out there, we have derived a list of body types of men and which jeans to go for according to that body type.

An Ectomorph is referred to a thin guy having a thin frame. He has slim shoulders, flat tummy and most likely a very fast metabolism. He is typically taller and has lean muscle mass than the rest.

Mesomorph is referred to a medium-sized guy having an average frame. He has well defined, lean muscles and a rectangular body. Losing or gaining weight isn’t very difficult for him.

An Endomorph is a referred to a large guy having a large frame. He is strong without the muscle mass. He has low metabolism and can gain weight easily.

Jeans for Ectomorph

Ectomorph - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Ectomorph Body Type

An ectomorph usually has a lot of clothes options in every brand made especially for his body type. For instance, every brand has slim fit shirts to slim fit pants to slim fit jeans.

With a slender frame from head to toe, you can confidently rock a slim fit or straight cut pair of jeans with a low rise waist. You can also try on trendier items and it is likely they will suit you more than people with different body types. Slim fit jeans will bring out your slender frame without looking displeasing to the eye. Straight cut jeans will refrain from swallowing your thin frame and making you look too thin.

However, avoid skinny jeans as they will make you look very lanky and draw attention to your thin legs. The skinny jeans will also make you appear smaller than normal. Also avoid high rise jeans as they will make your bum appear flat. Wide legged and baggy jeans will look too loose on you.

Jeans for Mesomorph

Mesomorph - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph have a tough time shopping for clothes as they often have a muscular frame with wide shoulders and a small waist. This leaves their body in a V-shaped look. They also have thick thigh muscles and thick calves which make finding the perfect pair of jeans a difficult task. However, when they are able to find the best pair, it is the best feeling! These pair of jeans will graciously show off their body which they earned after spending hours at the gym.

For a mesomorph, straight leg and boot cut jeans should be their go to option. Straight leg is the best-fitted style for them as it will show off their muscles without them looking too obvious. Refrain, I repeat refrain from slim fit, tight styles. You may feel they show off your muscles well, but in reality, they do not. Instead, they make your hard earned muscles look bulky and unappealing.

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Choose smaller and widely set back pockets to show off your toned bum to the maximum. Straight leg jeans will sit comfortably on your body and especially thighs. You can even show off your well-toned bum in straight leg jeans.
Avoid baggy jeans which can hide the best features of your body. Also, avoid regular fits which come with a wide leg as they will make your legs appear larger than the rest of your body.

Jeans for Endomorph

Endomorph - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Endomorph Body Type

An endomorph is not necessarily fat. It can mean that the person is heavy boned or else carries a few extra pounds in a particular weak spot. It does not mean that an endomorph will not look as good as others in a pair of jeans. He may have to try a little harder, but he will surely find something which fits perfectly.

He should aim for wide legged jeans of relaxed or regular fit which will give him ample room to breathe.Another tip to make your bum to stand out is to choose styles which have large, deep pockets at the back closer to each other.

Avoid any flared jeans as that will bring attention to the wrong parts of your body. Also, do not go for anything tight as it will suffocate your broad frame.

Additional Body Types

There are body types that do not fall in any category. We chose not to ignore them in our analysis to choose the best pair of jeans.

Wide hips

Wide hips - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Jeand for Wide hips

There are men with wide hips and for them; normal jeans do not seem to settle on their bums. They require jeans with an equivalent leg width from hip to hem. For them, a relaxed fit pair of jeans one size up is a good option. The one size up will accommodate their larger hips and the regular fit will not look too loose from the legs. Another option is straight legged jeans which are high rise. These will help maintain an equal width from the top to bottom. For a more casual and comfortable appearance, loose jeans with wide legs can be chosen.

Skinny jeans should be avoided at all costs as this will make their bum stand out a lot and will look tacky. Low-rise jeans are also a no-no for them as they will make their wide hip even more prominent

Large waist

Large waist - All Types of Jeans which are Best for Men according to their Body Types
Jeans for Large waist

These men have a larger waist as well as large thigh and calf muscles. For them, loose fit jeans are the best option. Preferably they should be straight cut as well as wide leg. Relaxed fit can also be tried on to see as they can also fit well in some cases.
For people with large waist, boot cut jeans are a complete no as they will accentuate their already wide legs.

Do’s and don’ts

There are a few do’s and don’ts which are universal regardless of the body type.
• Say no to skinny jeans
Except a handful of men, probably no one can carry off skinny jeans. Men should leave skinny jeans for the girls as they look best in it!
• Too many holes are out
If your jeans have too many holes or frays, say bye bye to them. Torn, ripped and frayed jeans are part of the past now!
• Keep it simple
Avoid any jeans with unusual embellishments. Stick to the classic pair, color and choose a fit best suited to your body type.

The factors to consider while selecting your Jeans

• Weight
Denim material is heavy and its weight affects how jeans fall on your body. Choose a material between 8-20 ounces.
• Colors
Although jeans come in many colors, but having the dark blue pair in your closet is a must, as it is the most versatile of all colors. Dark blue jeans can be dressed up or dressed down. Moreover, it goes with usually all colors of shirts.
• Length alteration
Do not let go of a perfect pair of jeans as they are too long. Mostly all brands offer to alter the length for free but we are not aware of this service.
• Denim stretches
This is not a vastly known fact, but yes denim stretches. It stretches almost one size bigger within first 10-20 times. Hence, always size down when buying denims.

End Note

Men’s jeans are the most bought casual dressing throughout the world due to its long-lasting factor that comes with style and fashionable manner. The best way to buy new jeans is to go for branded ones. There are many brands of jeans available but some are more popular than the rest because of their quality, fit and designs. Levis Strauss and Co. and Wrangler are hands down the oldest and most reliable brand for jeans.

Other top brands of jeans for 2016-17 are Diesel, Pepe Jeans London, True Religion, Guess, Calvin and G Star. Going to well known brands for jeans ensures that you are sized properly and that the different cuts and fits are available in your size.

In a nutshell, jeans’ shopping does not need to be a traumatic experience. You just need to know your body type and the best fit and rise for yourself. Do not think that with your body type, no pair of jeans will compliment you. Just stick to classic cuts and try on a few brands to understand which brand carries jeans ideal to your body stature. Enjoy the shopping experience; we hope we have managed to make it easier for you.

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