2017 Pre-Fall Fashion Trends: Fashion Predictions Straight Out Of The Runway

What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion

Is Pre-Fall summer or a couple of weeks before fall starts?

Oh yes! Pre-Fall being a kind of fashion shows is somewhat perplexing at times. In spite of its deceptive moniker, the Pre-Fall exhibits yet another open door for the designer to divvy up their inspirations and now and again unveil their little capsule collections, give a sign of what is to precede F/W 2017 presentations happen in London, Paris, New York, and Milan. These presentations are a kind of informal runway exhibitions, fashion shows, parties, and trunk shows.

Stylishly, Pre-fall proffers an appetizer of designs to arrive in official fall fashion week collections. The Pre-fall is commercially intended permitting good customers to pick up a vintage on future fashion trends. Most of the lines are accessible for a buy at Moda Operandi; however, the majority will be easy to get in later months.

We have listed down the most prevailing fashion trends from Pre-Fall collections 2017 as they express fashion predictions of next year.


flare dress
Flare Designs

A well-known fact about fashion is that it recycles itself. Over the past decade, we saw the flared pants all over fashion blogs and fashion shows. Now wide-legged trousers are making a comeback. While the thin or skinny cuts are still not obsolete yet, fashions designers brought back chime or bell bottoms from mid 70’s and the 2000’s.

The inventor of the famous wrap dress Diane von Furstenberg has consistently stressed plain, vibrant outlines that skim lady’s bends just the perfect way as the fashion trend of flared leg. Similarly, Jonathan Simkhai’s whole Pre-fall batch concentrates on making delicate, casual textures into more chic and dressy pieces, just like he worked with his perfectly mastered flared pants.

Intriguing Pantsuits

Pantsuits - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion

Chanel is considered as the champion of the timeless and elegant pantsuits. It happened prior to Hillary Clinton’s coming into the spotlight. Recently pantsuits are celebrated more politically, but Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel gave a right amount of playful touch to this professional ensemble.

The fashion trend of 2017 branded the masculine meets womanly and the other way around; we saw some of the elegant pantsuits trending that naturally makes us upgrade our work closet, however with a fresh and hip look. Among the hottest styles, pinstripe pantsuits coupled with chunky boots plus oversized sweaters are at the top.

Pantsuits are chic as a common sight or in crazy look such as amethyst colors come together with bright glitters at Ashish. These express fashion powers suits have been given all intriguing upgrade and extraordinary attire such as coral red stripes down against black foundation to Taser prints all over the suits; mad stars radiant plans all over, coordinating a matching hat, and a modernistic way of just a sequined bra under a blazer.


Sheer Styles - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion
Sheer Styles

Pre-fall 2017 made the sheer non-scandalous once more. Beadings and floral embroidery have been tactfully used by Versace and Valentino to “cover up” the necessary parts, yet most of the fashion designer acknowledged the “topless” concept. An elegant piece by Valentino is Red Flower Tulle Dress with long sleeve that is a definition of modest. The maxi length, lace trim, pleated skirt and puffy sleeves all add to stylish romantic outline with peek-a-boo lingerie.

With the arrival of fall we all try to conceal somewhat more than normal but this year’s Pre-fall collection is all about uncovering the magnificence of the bodies. We have observed the transparent tank tops that look chic layered under some flashier and bulkier pieces just like Moschino impact we appreciated combined with leather skirts. Exciting and glittery sheer gowns also showed up at Roberto Cavalli. Significantly, the more fascinating is the utilization of weaving to make such stunning and lovely designs originated on the runways of Alberta Ferretti in Milan.


Latest Fur Designs - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion
Latest Fur Designs

Fur is all over the Pre-fall fashion show. Minimalist silhouettes and cuts are timeless yet this season brings the notion of “more is more” that is glamorous. Mostly fur is utilized in natural and neutral tones, yet fashion designers go bold by putting in colors.

Karl Lagerfeld who is the creative director symbolized hyper-luxurious whose best example is fur. The fur has been given a modern appeal by dyeing, weaving, embroidering, stripping and even mimicking.

Roberto Cavalli, the star fashion designer, put fur in his every fashion piece from little fur adornments to full-length fur coats and cuffed jackets. Feathers are being artistically incorporated into clothing to create an effect just like Erdem did with his multicolored feather jacket topped up with satin bows.

For those who are unable to afford full-length fur, tufts by Fendi are the best options stylishly for beautification purposes like fur collars, stoles, wraps and pom-pom handbags.


Mid-Calf - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion

Although sheer is turning into less controversial, Mid-calf is getting less modest and additionally trendy. Longer hemlines now not have to be related to the conservative dressing while long skirts not always imply formal when it comes to red carpet. A silk georgette dress colored in periwinkle Red by Valentino hits a balance with translucency and long Victorian length.

Coach held a memorable fashion show at Pier New York on its 75th anniversary to showcase a lot of midi skirts and jackets renewing the traditional mid-calf cuts combined with all youthful logos and graphics.

Midi hemlines designed in a straight and body-hugging fashion also give a sensual appeal. Tome’s –a major fashion brand focused on waist this pre-fall collection with wraps, belts, and slackly-tied bows.

Phillip Lim fashioned its collection by adding more size and volume to mid-calf silhouettes. Oscar de la Renta famous for its full skirts and gowns even cropped their floor-length cuts into midis transforming the idea of “dressing up” into more easygoing and casual.

Metallic Shine

Metallic Colors - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion
Metallic Colors

The shiny metallic look came out with rage on the Pre-fall catwalks as pants, dresses; skirts and everything in the middle appear in copper, silver, and gold. We all easily fell in this look and make the line all attractive and gorgeous such as Alexander Mc Queen’s transparent gowns. Peter Pilotto constituted the art of lovely prints assembled on coats with knee-length.

Some astounding fashion pieces are seen on the platform combined with decorative tinsels and metallic sheen. The stunning golden coats of Dolce & Gabbana, the silver trend of Fendi to Marco de Vincenzo who is exhibiting more style in this fashion line. The new of this season is metallic shine at the daytime that shimmered and is commended, that brought up spice to fall wardrobes just like disco trousers of Felder Felder. House of Holland is appreciated due to their bolt and fastens of cobalt on runways.

Asymmetrical Stripes

Asymmetrical Stripes - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion
Asymmetrical Stripes

Many fashion designers came up with wide shoulders pullovers to solo shoulder dresses by Herve Leger and Rag & Bone. 2017 Pre-fall trends towards the love of playing with shoulder designs. Showing a little bit of shoulder or carrying a single shoulder show off is flirtier and feminine attire that counteracts of masculine outfits on runways.

David Koma presented its double straps on one shoulder that brought the hotness back particularly when added to the sketch of décolletage. Moschino, Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant brought back the single-shoulder look from 80’s coupled with lots of ruffles. Single- arms uppers are fashioned by so many brands that it has become difficult to cognize.


Pleated Style - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion
Pleated Style

A simple and plain look gets enliven with pleats, and that is one of the top Pre-fall 2017 trends. There were more pleating in summer and spring seasonal presentations, yet we saw a lot of pleats on pre-fall catwalks as well. Tory Burch went for knee-length skirts whereas Michael Kors presented a see-through cocktail dress. Alessandro Michele invented the pleated midis combined with lacy underwear so exquisite that they became the norm for other fashion designers. Pleats are all over fashion week together with frills on the runway of Milan.

Gucci endorsed this fashion piece a bit with multi-layers of hues, yet Arthur Abresser, Salvatore Ferragamo and Fendi and a lot of other fashion designers are incorporating pleated style. It is a one gorgeous and pleasing to the eye look is at the top this year.

Velvet all the way

Velvet Style - What to wear, How to wear, The best styling tips for 2017 outfits from pre-fall fashion
Velvet Style

Fall calls for velvet as it brings out the elegance and style of the women. It was so pleasing to see a lot of velvet on catwalks this year with some excellent and intriguing designs. An exceptionally strong fabric, gorgeous to vision, supples to the touch and beautiful shimmer that has the profound ability to keep warmer. It adds to the grace of personality with many velvet creations shown at social events.

The use of color with velvet this Pre-fall is a lot better than before. The crazy velvet pantsuits of the 1980s are all the way back with a modern tinge as showcased by Phillip Lim and Elie Saab. Some fuchsia is also designed by Prabal Gurung that gives sporty pieces with identical textured and colored boots.

DKNY showcased the combination of lace with velvet with a lot of layering as the main trend this year. Velvet is so on the runways that we can dub it as the fabric of the year.

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