Victoria Secret Models Spill The Beans ai??i?? Makeup And Skin Care Tips From The Best!

Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!

Just like us ordinary individuals, Victoria Secret models also have to maintain their beauty and skin care routine to walk on the runway with their squad. Although, they do have experts to help them backstage ai??i?? they too have to prep up themselves with a proper diet plan, skin care regime, and quality products.

For this blog, the top models from the Victoria Secret clan shared their secret makeup and skin care tips. Read on to find out what the angels swear by to look so glamorous. After reading, you will also agree that it isnai??i??t easy being an angel.

Contouring and Highlighting (Hillary Rhoda)

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Contouring and Highlighting - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Contouring and Highlighting

Hillary Rhoda claims that models too have their good and bad days. After restless nights and lack of sleep, she applies a bronzer to highlight the contours of her face especially the eye sockets and cheekbones. This makes her appear more awake and fresh in front of the audience.

Hydration is important (Lindsay Ellington)

Hydration - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!

Keeping herself hydrated is important for clear complexion as well as detoxification of the body. According to Lindsay, she drinks 8 ai??i?? 10 glasses of water each day and makes sure that she gets a good nightai??i??s sleep as well.

Eating and resting well (Rachel Hilbert)

Eating Healthy - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Eating Healthy
Sleeping Well - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Sleeping Well

According to Rachel Hilbert, the secret of her beauty and perfect body is getting adequate rest. She makes sure that she gets a good rest especially before her shows. She also upkeeps her body by taking probiotics every morning. These not only help her digestive system but also aids in detoxifying in the most natural way possible.

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Rachel Hilbert utilizes Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel to keep her skin hydrated at all times. Her fav makeup product is Smash Box Photo Finish Primer which she applies before foundation every time. The primer also helps her makeup last for longer hours.

Eye lashes (Jessica Hart)

Eye lashes - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Eye lashes

Jessica Hart swears by eyelash curlers. She says that they make her eyes open up wider. She also shares that on many occasions she does not wear a mascara but uses an eyelash curler to enhance her lashes.

Clean face before working out (Karlie Kloss)

Face Cleaning - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Face Cleaning

Super model Karlie Kloss reveals that she tends to breakout often especially when she wears makeup during exercise. Due to this, she makes sure that every visit she makes to the gym is with a clean and freshly washed face. Furthermore, she proclaims that she uses the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips which removes all the junk from the surface of her skin.She also added that she uses Lai??i??OrAi??al BB Cream and highlighter.

Smell Exotic with long-lasting perfume (Constance Jablonski)

Perfume - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!

Constance Jablonski shared a rather unique beauty secret of hers. She says that apart from looking their absolute best at all times, models like her have to smell good too. For this she opts for a strong smelling perfume which she usually dabs behind her ear. This way when she kisses people, they can smell the sweet scent as well.

Victoria Secretai??i??s Bombshell Eau de Perfume is the scent for her. ai???The fruity scents are the bestai???, she adds.

Say NO to blow-dry (Lindsay Ellington)

No Hair Dryer - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
No Hair Dryer
Perfect Hair - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Perfect Hair

Another tip by Lindsay Ellington is that she never blows dries her hair. According to her, blow dryers cause hair to frizz more and she only uses them during her shoots. She also does not believe in shampooing her hairevery day. The less chemicals that get in the hair, the better health the hair will have.

Ice Cubes (Jasmine Tookes)

Ice Cubes on Face - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Ice Cubes on Face

Jasmine Tookes enhances her beauty with ice cubes. She shares her secret with us in which she claims that the tip was given to her by her momai??i??s dermatologist years ago. After which she has applied ice cubes daily on her face before going to bed. This not only closes all pores on the face but also makes it firmer. ai???Simply take an ice cube and run it on the face until it completely meltsai???, she advises.

Drink Water with a Twist (Joan Smalls)

Lemon Water - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Lemon Water

Although all Victoria Secret models swear by water, Joan Smalls does it a bit differently. She shares that she adds a few drops of lemon to every glass of water that she drinks. This not only improves her skin texture, but also boosts her metabolism and balances her digestive system.

Salt water spray (Behati Prinsloo)

Salt water spray - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Salt water spray

Behati Prinsloo sprays mist of salt water to her hair before walking the ramp. She says that not only does it make her hair look great in front of the audience but also is very cheap alternative for the ai???beachai??? look.

Mineral Water (Isabelli Fontana)

Mineral Water Spray - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Mineral Water Spray

We all know that sometimes regular tap water can be dirty especially for drinking purpose. However, models due to the fact that they have to take care of their face avoid tap water on their skin also. Isabelli Fontana is one of them. She claims that she sprays her face with mineral water spray after each shower as you never know how dirty the regular water is.
Isabelli Fontana also claimed that she uses La Prairie Makeup base on her face. Alongside the foundation she uses Maybelline mascara to highlight her lashes.

Ballet (Lily Alridge)

Ballet - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!

Most of us do wonder how Lily Alridge can manage to look so good and upkeep an attractive figure even after a baby. She shares the secret with us in which she claims that she does Ballet Beautiful. She picked up the Mary Hellen Bowerai??i??s program right after she had her daughter and couldnai??i??t ask for a better body shape. Even after a hectic schedule she manages to perform it at least three times a week.

Buy combivent inhaler online without script Eating a healthy diet (Candice Swanepoel)

healthy diet - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
healthy diet

Candice Swanepoel claims that the secret to her attractive features and figure is eating the right balance of food products. She makes sure that she eats the right products and adds a blend of essential vitamins to keep her hair, skin, and nails healthy.

Apply blush before foundation (LindsayEllington) Homework

blush before foundation - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
blush before foundation

Lindsay Ellington pays extra attention to what her makeup artist does and tries to follow their movements in her daily makeup routine. According to her, she applies blush before foundation to make her skin appear glowing. However, she applies blush-on after toner and moisturizer to allow them to completely absorb.

Moisturize (Joan Smalls)

Moisturizer - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!

Joan Smalls shares that she moisturizes frequently throughout the day. After all the makeup they use, she says that it is necessary to apply the right products on her skin. For this she usually uses night repair cream and Lifting lotion by Estee Lauder. Another secret that she shared was about her workout routine. She believes that working out is necessary to remain active. She mixes up her workout regime with Pilates and cardio. According to her, thatai??i??s the most fun way to get in shape.

Proactiv (Josephine Skriver)

Proactiv - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!

Although, many of her fans might find her advertising but Josephine Skriver says that the secret to her skin is Proactiv. The three-step program has really helped her skin avoid breakouts and open pores. She also claims that she makes sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day and tries to use as less products as possible. She believes simplicity is the key and avoids using too much makeup products to appear natural.

Manage the routine (Kendell Jenner)

Manage Routine - Victoria Secret Models Makeup And Skin Care Beauty Tips!
Manage Routine

Last but not the least, our favorite Kendell Jenner claims that managing a regular routine for skin and health care is essential. Washing face before sleeping, taking care of what you are eating, and drinking lots of water is important. Furthermore, Kendell Jenner says that she makes sure to get a good sleep and exercise as much as possible. By following simple health and skin care regime ai??i?? any women can pull of the Victoria secret look.

These were just some of the tips that were shared by our favorite models from the Victoria Secret clan. Each model is a mini wealth of knowledge and shared some basic and some not so basic secret about their skin and beauty care routine.

After reading the above script, it is safe to say that nothing comes without a lot of hard work. Although, all the above mentioned models have specialized trainers, makeup artists, and nutritionai??i??s working alongside ai??i?? they too have to put in a lot of effort to appear tone and flawless in front of thousands of viewers. By putting in a little effort, they manage to show off their varied styles each passing year.

Furthermore, most of the products and tips shared by the models are easily available and affordable for the average pocket. So what are you waiting for. Start applying these tips to your existing beauty care routine.

With these tips in mind, we hope that you too can achieve a flawless looking skin, attractive figure, and a healthy outlook. Give them a try and let us know which ones are your tried and tested.

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